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Punto de Vista brings avant-garde cinema to Pamplona once again


- The 12th edition of one of Europe’s most daring non-fiction events is unspooling in the Navarrese capital from 5-10 March

Punto de Vista brings avant-garde cinema to Pamplona once again
Hasta mañana si Dios quiere by Ainara Vera

Garbiñe Ortega is currently making her debut as artistic director of the Punto de Vista Navarre International Documentary Film Festival, which fired the starting pistol for its 12th edition in Pamplona yesterday, 5 March. The event opened with the premiere of See You Tomorrow God Will [+see also:
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, a film by local director Ainara Vera. Basque artist and filmmaker José Antonio Sistiaga, the USA’s Stan Brakhage and Portugal’s Pedro Costa will all have tributes dedicated to them at the festival, which, besides its epicentre in Baluarte, is this year adding other main venues such as the Gayarre Theatre, the Navarre Film Library, the Pamplona Planetarium, the Sala Polvorín de la Ciudadela and Katakrak.

In its Official Section, 21 films hailing from 14 countries will be on show: standing out among the European titles are 26 rue Saint-Fargeau by France’s Margaux GuillemardBeyond the One (France/Italy/Germany) by Anna MarzianoElectro-Pythagoras (A Portrait of Martin Barlett), a co-production between Canada and the UK, directed by Luke Fowler; the Portuguese short Flores by Jorge JácomeLos diablos azules (France) by Charlotte Bayer-BrocThe Mount of Ants [+see also:
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 by Italy’s Riccardo PalladinoVivian’s Garden (UK) by Rosalind Nashashibi; and Young & Beautiful [+see also:
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 by Spaniard Marina Lameiro, which is being premiered at the gathering.  

Punto de Vista 2018 will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the protests of 1968, as well as bringing together filmmakers from a variety of different periods in the Correspondencias (lit. “Correspondences”) programme. It will also dedicate a Focus to Vietnamese director Trinh T Minh-ha and will host a seminar with US film historian P Adams Sitney. Two of the novelties worth noting at this edition are the first iteration of the Dokbizia section, which, through conferences, performances and movies, will examine the intersection between languages and artists whose work is based around reality, and the Paisaia cycle of Basque-Navarrese cinema.

Also standing out among the world premieres is La Cosa Vuestra, directed by Andalusian guerrilla videographer María Cañas, which is the product of her X Film Award that she won one year ago. The film is an extremely personal, surrealistic and transgressive look at the world-famous San Fermín festival. In turn, a lab entitled The Sound We See will also show off its results – A Pamplona City Symphony – as the festival’s closing film. This subjective portrait of the city was shot over eight days by 24 people using Super 8 cameras, and features a soundtrack courtesy of artist Maite Arroitajauregui (Mursego) plus poetry by author Harkaitz Cano.

(Translated from Spanish)

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