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by Xavier Giannoli


In present-day France, a small-time crook manages to pass himself of as a construction manager in charge of building a section of the motorway. He dupes an entire region, hires dozens of workers and cynically enjoys his deception, until he meets a woman, the mayor of a small town traversed by his road. She stirs him, makes him feel more vulnerable and introduces him to the world of emotions. How far will he go in order to save his victims and himself from his lie?

international title: In the Beginning
original title: A l'origine
country: France
sales agent: EuropaCorp
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Xavier Giannoli
release date: BE 11/11/2009, FR 11/11/2009
screenplay: Xavier Giannoli
cast: François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos, Stéphanie Sokolinski, Vincent Rottiers, Gérard Depardieu
cinematography by: Glynn Speeckaert
film editing: Célia Lafite-Dupont
art director: François-Renaud Labarthe
music: Cliff Martinez
producer: Luc Besson, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Edouard Weil
production: Rectangle Productions, EuropaCorp, Studio 37, France 3 Cinéma
distributor: EuropaCorp Distribution


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