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CORTOMETRAGGI Germania / Paesi Bassi / Polonia / Austria

This Is Short torna per il 2022


- La piattaforma online darà accesso a oltre 120 cortometraggi e quattro festival cinematografici

This Is Short torna per il 2022

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This Is Short was developed during the pandemic (see the news) as a collaborative project by the European Short Film Network (ESFN), formed by the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany), Go Short (Netherlands), Vienna Shorts (Austria) and Short Waves (Poland). It emerged from the profoundly European vision of transnational cooperation, and aims to complement and comprehensively strengthen the analogue film festivals with a shared digital platform. It will return this year on Friday 1 April and will run until 30 June.

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This Is Short includes the second edition of the online short-film competition New Point Of View (NPOV), which will present 23 titles. Each short will be available for seven days, appearing on the platform one after another. They are all under 20 minutes long and have all been selected by the ESFN member festivals. NPOV winners will come back to the platform at the end of June.

Another programme will be Four Perspectives, each curated by one of the four festivals and connected by one single theme. In 2022, the focus is set on Movements: both within a broader, metaphorical spectrum and in a more literal sense. While the world stands still, coping with the ongoing pandemic, people find a way to keep things alive by pushing boundaries and preventing themselves and their reality from becoming quiescent. The programmes will tackle changes, shifts and tangible movements, from the limits of the human body to heavy transport and the shifting of the tectonic plates. They will make screens shake, dance and swing. Each programme will be available for three weeks.

As was the case last year, the platform also allows access to the online films and programmes of the four participating festivals once they go live: Go Short starts on 1 April with its online programme, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen follows on 30 April, Vienna Shorts is available online from 25 May and Short Waves from 14 June. Most of the on-demand offerings are available without any geographic restrictions.

The portal itself has been developed further compared to last year. For example, the availability of each short film has been extended, the programme as a whole has been given a more focused design, and the online pass has been slightly reduced in price.

Passes can be purchased for €20 for the public and €25 for film professionals. These include the entire This Is Short programme as well as access to the online offerings of the four participating festivals.

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