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Movistar+ produce Rapa, la nuova serie dai creatori di Hierro


- Il thriller in sei episodi è attualmente in lavorazione in Galizia. Diretto da Jorge Coira e creato da suo fratello Pepe, è interpretato da Javier Cámara e Mónica López

Movistar+ produce Rapa, la nuova serie dai creatori di Hierro
L'attrice Mónica López, il regista Jorge Coira e l'attore Javier Cámara, durante la presentazione di Rapa (© Movistar+)

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Movistar+ is producing Rapa in collaboration with Galician company Portocabo: it is a suspense series, consisting of six 50-minute episodes. Filming started a few days ago in the towns of Cedeira and Ferrol. The leading actors are Javier Cámara and Mónica López; the director is Jorge Coira and Pepe Coira is the creator, just as was the case on Hierro.

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The show opens with the murder of the mayoress of a small village. The investigation becomes an obsession for Maite (played by Mónica López, who we saw not long ago in Hierro and Riot Police [+leggi anche:
intervista: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
scheda series
), the investigative sergeant, who will try to find out who killed her and why. Tomás, a frustrated teacher played by Javier Cámara (recent recipient of the Platinum Award for Best Actor for his role in El olvido que seremos), is the only witness to the event and will be of utmost importance in the murder investigation. The action take places in an area featuring high cliffs overlooking the sea, where horses run free year round, except for one day: rapa das bestas, or ‘shaving of the beasts,’ a tradition that embodies the beauty and wildness of a generally quiet part of the world, now a crime scene.

Pepe Coira, creator and writer of the series together with Fran Araújo, referred to the significance in this story of getting to know the characters and their motivations, but also the places where the story unfolds. Director Jorge Coira stressed ‘the joy of coming home after working on the Canary Island of El Hierro and being able to tell a story like this one, with the fantastic actors we have here in Galicia."

Susana Herreras, meanwhile, executive producer of the series and editorial manager for Movistar+ Original Production, insists that Rapa “has been the way we worked with the team on Hierro, one of the most successfully operating series on our platform, with a creative team we work really well with,” and describes Rapa as “a special thriller thanks to the characters and the locations where it takes place. It also showcases a Galicia far removed from the one we typically think of.”

Finally, Román Rodríguez, Conselleiro de Cultura, stressed at the presentation of this series that Rapa is the first production to receive the support of the Audiovisual Hub recently promoted by the regional government of Galicia, with its line of grants to attract outside co-productions made in the region. He valued it as a “really important recovery” for a production such as this “not just because of the specific expenditure during filming but also because there is no better promotional platform than the audiovisual sector for a land as rich in landscape and culture.”

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