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Total Eclipse di Katalin Moldovai in post-produzione


- Il primo lungometraggio della regista, che aveva partecipato a Cannes 2019 nel concorso cortometraggi della Cinéfondation, è prodotto da Magma Cinema e venduto da NFI World Sales

Total Eclipse di Katalin Moldovai in post-produzione
La regista Katalin Moldovai (© Ibolya Simó)

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Following a film shoot unfolding between 25 July and 4 September, Katalin Moldovai’s Total Eclipse (working title) is now in post-production. Starring in the cast of this debut feature film (coming courtesy of a director who notably turned heads within Cannes’ 2019 Cinéfondation short films competition, by way of As Up to Now) are Ágnes Krasznahorkai (who played a small part in El Fotografo de Mauthausen [+leggi anche:
scheda film
), Romania’s Tünde Skovrán (an actress mostly seen treading the boards but who has also made a few film appearances in her compatriot Andrei Zinca’s works), Soma Sándor, Ágnes Lőrincz, Zsolt Bölőnyi, Eszter Tompa and Áron Dimény.

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Written by Zita Palóczi and Katalin Moldovai, the story revolves around a small-town literature teacher who recommends a classic film about Arthur Rimbaud’s life to his students to help them better understand the symbolism in his poems and the era in which they were written. It’s a suggestion which sparks the anger of parents and the school board alike, given the film’s depiction of Rimbaud and Verlaine’s relationship.

Total Eclipse is produced by Béla Attila Kovács, András Muhi and Katalin Moldovai on behalf of Magma Cinema, in co-production with Salamandra Film and Spot Film. Shot over 32 days in Romania (in Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós and Miercurea Ciuc/Csíkszereda) with András Táborosi at the helm of photography, this feature film is also supported by the Incubator programme, courtesy of the Hungarian National Film Institute (NFI) who are also steering international sales.

(L'articolo continua qui sotto - Inf. pubblicitaria)

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