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Wallimage lancia il fondo Impact


- Il nuovo fondo mira a sostenere lo sviluppo economico dei progetti audiovisivi valloni

Wallimage lancia il fondo Impact

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The Walloon regional economic fund Wallimage has just announced the creation of Impact, an economic development fund for audiovisual projects.

Designed to complement pre-existing mechanisms (such as those proposed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or Creative Europe), the fund’s main objective is to support projects initiated in Belgium, maximising their commercial and audience potential, both in Belgium and abroad, whilst encouraging filmmakers to produce works in Wallonia.

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Wallimage is looking to contribute towards the funding of scriptwriters, co-scriptwriters and script doctors; towards the implementation of economic feasibility studies and targeted marketing approaches; towards the creation of professional, provisional film posters and teasers to help projects tackle international markets; towards the acquisition or optioning of film rights for literary works or for original screenplays; towards the graphic design of animated works, as well as early musical composition efforts, initial location scouting, set design and feasibility studies (special effects…). The fund will be partly shored up by revenue from co-productions.

Impact is managed by Wallimage-Entreprises, who are henceforth widening the scope of their activities whilst continuing to provide funding for Walloon audiovisual firms. The fund’s committee will hold three annual sessions, during which support will be allocated to one or two projects, with a total of 100,000 euros invested per session. Conditionally repayable advances will be allocated at a level of 50,000 or 100,000 euros.

The fund is open to all Belgian producers overseeing projects which they themselves have initiated or which they are co-developing, whether long-term audiovisual projects or fiction feature films (live action or animation) geared towards cinemas and/or streaming platforms and/or TV networks, or series (live action or animation) geared towards streaming platforms and/or TV networks.

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