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18 progetti presentati a I+P, Ideas para producir


- La 14ma edizione dell'incontro organizzato dal Cluster Audiovisivo della Galizia si è svolta su Internet e vi hanno partecipato film di finzione, documentari e serie televisive

18 progetti presentati a I+P, Ideas para producir
Il regista Andrés Goteira, che presenta il suo progetto Monstro

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Up to 165 projects were submitted in the hope of securing a slot to be presented at the 14th I+P, Ideas para producir (lit. “Ideas to Produce”) conference, which is being held online on 24 and 25 November. However, its selection committee – comprising screenwriter-author José Antonio Cascudo, Susana Maceiras (of Adivina Producciones) and actor-producer Xosé Leis – plumped for the 18 finalists that were able to conduct their pitching session first before moving onto private meetings, all of which are taking place online, in light of the complicated global health situation. At the gathering, coordinated by the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, five fiction features, one documentary, eight television series, an animated series and three TV programmes have just been presented.

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The features – which were described as being in search of funding, sponsorship and partners, and were presented in front of heads of content from TV channels, streaming platforms and distributors of the likes of RTVE, Movistar+, Atresmedia, Filmax, A Contracorriente Films and DeAPlaneta, among others – are: Monstro, an experimental film produced by Gaitafilmes, directed by Andrés Goteira (Dhogs [+leggi anche:
scheda film
); Lía, a road movie by Daniel Froiz and Samuel Lema (Matriuska Producciones); Yo Bárbara, a sci-fi thriller with dramatic elements by Olga Osorio; A la cara, a drama based on the short film of the same name, the project for which took part in Abycine Lanza (see the news), set to be directed by Javier Marco (Langosta Films); the romantic drama Por una nube, the feature debut by Roger Delmont, produced by Belle Films and TV; El viaje de Lucy, a documentary helmed by Ruth Chao, produced by Somadrome Films; and Los lobos no piden perdón, a thriller by Miguel Conde (Congo Producciones).

Meanwhile, standing out among the television series and programmes are: Blink, a drama by Aitor Merelas, produced by Filmax and Producións A Fonsagrada; Alice’s Diary, an animation by Xosé Zapata (Parrocha Studio); Cortegada 1907-1989, a drama series by María Sierra; Rapaces, a fictional suspense-drama by María Gómez-Juárez (One in K Million-OIKM); Colores, a comedy-drama by Victoria Avinyó; Nunca te olvidaremos, a black comedy by Héctor Beltrán; Wikinger 7-13, an action-packed drama, based on true events, about global warming and renewable energy, by Rhoda Nieto and Paloma Andrés (Fiction Changing the World); and La bola de cristal, a political satire inspired by the famous 1980s TV programme – and all its ins and outs – by Edgar Burgos (Big Shiva), which is taking part in the second edition of the Spanish Film Academy Residencies (see the news).

I+P, Ideas para producir has secured backing from the Galician regional government, through the Galician Cultural Industries Agency (AGADIC) and the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (Igape), as well as from the Municipality of Pontevedra. It is organised in collaboration with associations CREA and AGAG, the Filmarket Hub platform (incidentally, the selected projects will benefit from one year’s free registration for its online marketplace, where they will be able to boost their visibility and hook up with a network of European and Latin American production companies) and the Pontevedra Film Commission. It is sponsored by Gadisa as well as the companies Music Library & SFX and Cinetools.

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