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DOK LEIPZIG 2020 DOK Industry / Premi

Progetti da Germania, Spagna, Taiwan, Georgia e Danimarca vincono i premi di DOK Leipzig industry


- Il Cineuropa Marketing Prize è andato a Twice Colonized della danese Lin Alluna, che è stato presentato come parte del CIRCLE Doc Women Accelerator

Progetti da Germania, Spagna, Taiwan, Georgia e Danimarca vincono i premi di DOK Leipzig industry
Twice Colonized di Lin Alluna (© David Bauer)

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The industry awards of DOK Leipzig were given out in an online event on Tuesday night.

The newly established Cineuropa Marketing Prize for a project from CIRCLE Doc Women Accelerator went to Greenlandic-Danish-Canadian project Twice Colonized, the first feature-length documentary from Danish filmmaker Lin Alluna.

The film, co-produced by the Danish, Greenland-based company Ánorâk Film and Canadian companies Eyesteelfilm and Red Marrow Media, follows the renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter who has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her son dies by suicide, Aaju embarks on a highly personal journey to bring her colonisers to justice.

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The EWA Award for a project from CIRCLE, worth €1,000, went to the project Ever Since I Know Myself from first-time Georgian filmmaker and photographer Maka Gogaladze. The director travels to different Soviet-style education spaces around Georgia, comparing the process to her own childhood as detailed in letters from her mother, who insisted that piano or English classes would bring her a better future. The project, described as extraordinarily visual and instinctive, is produced by Tbilisi-based Formo.

In the DOK Industry Co-production Market, the €5,000 Development Prize for the Best Female Director from the Saxon State Minister for the Arts was awarded to Taiwanese filmmaker Fan Wu for her project Xixi, co-produced with the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Romania's Andra Popescu received a special mention for her project Bright Future.

The Zonta Club Leipzig-Elster Development Prize, worth €1,000, was awarded to Jenifer de la Rosa for her project The Daughter of the Vulcano. This social impact documentary begins with the story of the director, who, as a week-old baby in Colombia, survived the eruption of a volcano that destroyed her hometown, killing 23,000 people. Left by her mother at a Red Cross post and later adopted by a Spanish couple, at 30 she returns to Colombia looking for her mother. The film is a co-production between Spanish companies Mayéutica Producciones and Icónica Producciones, and Colombia's Rara Colectivo Audiovisual.

Finally, the D-Facto Motion Works-in-Progress Prize for the outstanding project of the DOK Preview Germany selection, which includes post-production services worth €10,000, went to Viral by Udi Nir and Sagi Bornstein (Germany/Israel).

Here is the full list of DOK Leipzig Industry awards:

Co-production Market

Development Prize for the Best Female Director
Xixi - Fan Wu (Taiwan/Philippines)

Special Mention
Bright Future - Andra Popescu (Romania)

Zonta Club Leipzig-Elster Development Prize
The Daughter of the Vulcano - Jenifer de la Rosa (Spain/Colombia)

CIRCLE Doc Women Accelerator

EWA Award
Ever Since I Know Myself - Maka Gogaladze (Georgia)

Cineuropa Marketing Prize
Twice Colonized - Lin Alluna (Denmark/Canada)

DOK Preview Germany
Viral - Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein (Germany/Israel)

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