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Il BFI lancia un fondo di £500.000 per salvare le società di vendita britanniche


- Il fondo temporaneo è pronto a sostenere le aziende bisognose di un supporto per la resilienza aziendale durante la crisi del coronavirus

Il BFI lancia un fondo di £500.000 per salvare le società di vendita britanniche
L'amministratore delegato del BFI, Ben Roberts

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The BFI has announced the launch of a new temporary fund, the BFI COVID-19 UK Sales Company Organisational Support Fund, the main aim of which is to support British sales outfits in need of business resilience backing in these unprecedented times. The grants will help firms to keep their businesses up and running as well as “to react effectively to the new models of working that are emerging in this period, in relation to film sales and distribution”.

The organisation is providing £500,000 from its International Fund, and the beneficiaries will receive up to £25,000 each. Speaking about the initiative, BFI CEO Ben Roberts said: “We are committed to supporting the government’s ambitious export targets and ensuring a globally competitive UK film market. As a vital part of the value chain, sales companies connect a film with a global audience, and deliver the resulting international revenues back to the rights holders. Enabling them to evolve their business model in this period of rapid change for the industry, so they can more effectively and efficiently market UK films in the competitive international marketplace, is paramount to their trading and our overall film landscape.” Meanwhile, the body confirmed that its Film Export Fund remains open for applications to support British titles selected to premiere at eligible festivals (including virtual gatherings).

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The new emergency fund is open for four weeks from 6 July to 2 August 2020. For further information, please click here.

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