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PRODUZIONE Germania / Finlandia

Franky Five Star in sviluppo


- Il secondo film di Birgit Möller vede l'attrice di Suck Me Shakespeer Jella Haase nel ruolo di una donna che soffre di disturbo della personalità multipla

Franky Five Star in sviluppo
Un'immagine promozionale di Franky Five Star (© Skena Lux)

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Thirteen years after her first feature as a director (and scriptwriter), Valerie (2006), cinematographer Birgit Möller is developing her second film, Franky Five Star, starring actress Jella Haase, who shot to stardom in the extremely popular Suck Me Shakespeer [+leggi anche:
making of
scheda film
trilogy of comedies. Here, she will have a chance to display her true range.

The story, penned by Knut Mierswe and Möller, centres on the title character, Franky, a 24-year-old woman who suffers from multiple-personality disorder and seems unpredictable and erratic to everyone around her. And on top of that, she’s having a hard time managing the four other characters living inside her, Leni, Frank, Ella and Frau Franke, who seem to dwell in an old-fashioned hotel in the middle of nowhere but actually take turns inhabiting Franky’s body, occasionally disrupting her attempts at a love life, too.

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The film is being produced by Jamila Wenske for Germany’s One Two Films in co-production with Finland’s Aamu Film Company and German broadcaster ZDF, with the support of the First Movie Program and the Les Arcs Coproduction Village, and with additional funding coming from nordmedia and the Finnish Film Foundation. The cast also includes Sophie Rois, Oona Airola, Annalee Ranft, Tristan Seith and Paul Pötsc.

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