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CANNES 2019 Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di Les Particules di Blaise Harrison


- L'opera prima, coprodotta da Francia e Svizzera, sarà presentata in anteprima mondiale nella Quinzaine des Réalisateurs di Cannes

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di Les Particules di Blaise Harrison

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At the foot of the Jura Mountains, PA, aged 17, and his gang of friends are in their last year at high school. 400 feet below ground, the Large Hadron Collider enables scientists to discover previously unknown particles. As the area slips into wintertime, PA starts to realise the world around him is on the move. He starts seeing things glow, abnormalities in the landscape, and tiny alterations in a familiar ecosystem.

This the synopsis for Particles [+leggi anche:
intervista: Blaise Harrison
scheda film
, the feature debut by Blaise Harrison, which is set to world-premiere in the Directors' Fortnight at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. A co-production between France (Les Films du Poisson) and Switzerland (Bande à Part Films), the film is sold internationally by Les Films du Losange.

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Check out our exclusive trailer below:

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