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Rapporto industria: Produrre - Coprodurre...

EAVE IMPACT affronta il rapporto tra agenti di vendita e produttori


Nel settimo episodio della seconda stagione di EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE, l'agente di vendita Agathe Mauruc e la produttrice Caroline Nataf discutono della loro collaborazione

EAVE IMPACT affronta il rapporto tra agenti di vendita e produttori

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In the seventh episode of the second season of EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE (see the news), Agathe Mauruc, head of international sales at Pyramide International, and Caroline Nataf, producer and cofounder of Paris-based company Unité de Production, demystify the relationship between producers and sales agents.

With presales being a hard topic to deal with, as they are usually reserved for English speaking films with a strong cast, Nataf insists on the importance of having a sales agent on board soon, so that the producer can adapt and collaborate with them more easily in building the film’s strategy. Mauruc agrees and argues that it should be done even if there are not enough elements to work with, although presales might complicate things in the future. The relationship can become complicated as both partners play a part in giving the film an identity. As Nataf mentions: “Sometimes, you dream as a producer to do your own movie on your own. Sometimes it can work, but nowadays there are so many movies drowning in a sea of movies. At the end of the day, it’s a collaborative process,” with Mauruc giving tips from her side.

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