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"Sento che americani ed europei possono sempre imparare gli uni dagli altri, e affrontiamo questioni sociali simili in molti modi"

Rapporto industria: Parità di genere, diversità e inclusione

Lisa K. Crosato • Fondatrice, City of Angels Women’s Film Festival


La fondatrice del City of Angels Women's Film Festival di Hollywood spiega la prossima edizione dell'evento, che si svolgerà a settembre

Lisa K. Crosato  • Fondatrice, City of Angels Women’s Film Festival

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We talked to Lisa K Crosato, the founder of the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, which is set to unspool from 24-26 September in Hollywood.

Cineuropa: Why did you found the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival?
Lisa K Crosato: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival. The festival was launched successfully in 2019 with the goal of empowering and connecting women and those identifying as female in the film industry, and showcasing extraordinary films made by women in Los Angeles and globally. Our goal is to promote gender equality in film and celebrate diverse women’s stories through the medium of film and the written word.

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Is there a specific theme for the festival this year?
The theme of the festival is female empowerment and promoting women filmmakers and LGBTQ-themed films and scripts. We are interested in the themes of overcoming obstacles that women from all backgrounds have been facing. We welcome films and scripts of all genres and lengths.

Do you collaborate with any other women’s film festivals? If so, which ones?
We aren’t collaborating with any particular festival currently, although we stand with other women’s film festivals in appreciation and mutual respect because I believe we share common goals. We seek to build a strong community in this manner.

Do you have the impression that in the last few years, the number of films made by women has been increasing?
I believe that in recent years, there have been more films being made by women. I feel that there is a greater appreciation being given to women working in entertainment and film, and more people want to watch films made by or written by women. It’s growing, but we certainly have a long way to go.

Why, in your opinion, are there so few films made by women?
I think that women don’t make as many films as men because it has historically been a male-dominated field and not welcoming enough for women to pursue in the past. I believe things are changing for the better, and as more women write their own material, there will be an increase in those same women directing their own material. I don’t think there is a big enough emphasis placed on women writing.

Do you see a difference between what is happening in the USA and Europe?
I feel that Americans and Europeans can always learn from each other, and we face similar social issues in many ways. Hopefully, we are all collectively growing in more profound and meaningful ways that incorporate the common goals of equality, justice and inclusiveness.

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