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PRODUCTION / FINANCEMENT Suède / Italie / Norvège

Tournage du film suédois The Store à Turin

- La première phase de la production de ce nouveau long réalisé par Hanna Sköld est maintenant terminée. Il s’agit d’un drame fantastique hybride qui combine images filmées et animation

Tournage du film suédois The Store à Turin

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The first phase of filming has wrapped in Turin on the new feature by Swedish director Hanna Sköld (Granny's Dancing on the Table [+lire aussi :
fiche film
, presented in San Sebastian’s New Directors line-up in 2015) The Store, whose productive and artistic team are almost entirely comprised of women: besides the director, the credits also include producers Lovisa Charlier for Tangram and Francesca Portalupi for Indyca, casting director Archanna Khanna and DoP Hanna Högstedt.

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Developed over a four-year period, The Store is a hybrid film combining live action and stop-motion animation. It’s a fantasy drama with a dash of humour and a visionary approach, which tackles the increasingly problematic conditions experienced by European workers in the services sector - notably women - whilst also touching upon environmental themes.

The film follows a group of employees in a low-cost supermarket. When single mum to a small child Eleni is promoted to the role of director, she must prove she’s up to the challenge. She pushes her workers to their very limits, forcing them to work without breaks in a bid to achieve better results for the supermarket, no matter the cost, with the help of her best employee and friend Shukri. But when Shukri finds out she’s pregnant, she’s afraid to tell Eleni, and she hides her growing stomach for fear of being fired. Meanwhile, behind the shop, two homeless women collect the food thrown away by the supermarket and slowly lay the ground for a more sustainable collective.

The film’s six-day shoot in Piedmont took place in the Traversella and Valchiusella mines, while shooting in Turin mainly unfolded in the Sermig-Arsenal of Peace. The collective Ibrido studio helped out with the film’s animation, under the supervision of Massimo Ottoni.

The Store is a Swedish/Italian/Norwegian co-production by Tangram Film, Gotafilm, Indyca and Fidalgo, made with the support of the Swedish Film Institute, Film i Vast, Piemonte Film Tv Fund, Eurimages and Italy’s Ministry of Culture, following the movie’s selection at Cannes’ Atelier in 2020 and the Venice Gap Financing Market in 2021.

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