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PRODUCTION / FINANCEMENT Slovaquie / République tchèque

Le cinéaste slovaque Juraj Jakubisko peaufine les effets spéciaux sur la suite de Perinbaba


- Feu l’actrice italienne Giulietta Masina, l’héroïne du premier film, va être ressuscitée numériquement pour The Feather Fairy and Two Worlds

Le cinéaste slovaque Juraj Jakubisko peaufine les effets spéciaux sur la suite de Perinbaba
Le réalisateur Juraj Jakubisko sur le tournage de The Feather Fairy and Two Worlds (© Bontonfilm)

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Slovakian filmmaker and part of the Czechoslovak New Wave Juraj Jakubisko is finishing the special effects on his latest project, a sequel to his fairy tale The Feather Fairy. The Feather Fairy and Two Worlds is intended to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original’s release. The first film is an adaptation of the Brothers Grimm short story Mother Hulda and follows a grandmotherly character, the titular fairy, and a boy called Jacob who is not afraid of death. The sequel will revolve around Lukáš, Jacob’s son, who wanders off into the world in search of happiness and love as he is looked after by his godmother, the Feather Fairy.

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The official synopsis further elaborates on the main plot line: “He arrives late in the fairy-tale land that she leads him to. Fear now reigns where once cakes grew on trees. The miraculous ram has disappeared, and the royal town is cursed. Lukáš has to decide what is closer to his heart: a fortune or love?” Regarding the reference to the two worlds in the title, Jakubisko revealed that the sequel will be “a dream within a dream, a story within a story. Because we always have a choice and the ability to pick one of the worlds.” The director adds that he has created a bizarre world of dreams which become reality.

Principal photography took place between May and November 2018, and the film is currently in post-production, with the director putting the finishing touches to the special effects. The computer-generated imagery is supposed to speak to the younger generation. “The original The Feather Fairy will be 35 years old this year, and a new film for a new audience and a new generation demands a new approach,” Jakubisko notes. Special effects will also be employed to digitally revive the face of late Italian actress Giulietta Masina, who originally portrayed the Feather Fairy.

The Feather Fairy and Two Worlds is being produced by Slovakian production outfit J&J Jakubisko Film Europe Production, and co-produced by the Czech branch J&J Jakubisko Film Europe, SE, Slovakian company Slovenská produkčná and fellow Slovak firm Studio 727. The Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Film Fund supported the film. Bontonfilm is handling the Slovakian and Czech theatrical release, with the premiere scheduled for November 2020.

You can watch the official teaser trailer below:

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