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Feu vert pour les productions audiovisuelles en Slovaquie


- Après l’interruption résultant de l’épidémie du coronavirus, les tournages en Slovaquie peuvent officiellement reprendre

Feu vert pour les productions audiovisuelles en Slovaquie
Sur le tournage de la récente production slovaque, tchèque et hongroise Power, de Mátyás Prikler (© MPhilms)

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Film productions can officially be restarted in Slovakia after the COVID-19 outbreak paralysed the entire audiovisual industry (see the news). The Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic officially issued an exemption from wearing face masks for people participating in the production of audiovisual projects and for performing artists. Representatives of the domestic audiovisual industry prepared some self-regulatory guidelines for protection against SARS-COV-2 for the field of audiovisual production in Slovakia, which were accepted by the Slovak Association of Independent Producers, the Association of Television Broadcasters of Slovakia, the Association of Slovak Cinematographers, Radio and Television Slovakia, the Slovak Film Commission, the Slovak Film and Television Academy and producers of commercials.

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The Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic issued the exemption and set up precautions that producers must take in order to work on projects besides film shoots, including rehearsals for theatre plays, and dance and musical performances. They are as follows:

  • Make sure that the performing artists have a negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 that is no older than four days, and if the production takes longer, have the test done once every 14 days;
  • keep at least a 2 metre distance between artists and other people present; this distance does not apply between the artists themselves;
  • provide hand sanitiser for artists and other people present during the artistic activity;
  • ensure regular disinfection of the premises where the artistic activity is performed, and if held indoors, ensure regular ventilation and aerating; and
  • prevent people with a body temperature higher than 37 degrees Celsius or exhibiting other coronavirus symptoms from entering the premises.

The Slovak Audiovisual Fund confirmed that the costs incurred and paid in connection with the respective regulations will be considered eligible costs for securing funding from the body during the realisation of projects. Furthermore, the Slovak Audiovisual Producers Association has decided to help film production companies impacted by the pandemic-related disruption via its selective financial support scheme, SAPAID. Slovakia is following in the footsteps of the Czech Republic, which also aims to revive the audiovisual industry as soon as possible (see the news).

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