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EAVE IMPACT parle pitch et préparation


- Dans le premier épisode de la 2e saison d'EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE, l'experte en pitch d'EAVE Sibylle Kurz donne de bons conseils : "Préparez, répétez et n'en faites pas trop !"

EAVE IMPACT parle pitch et préparation

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

In the first episode of the second season of EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE (see the news), EAVE pitching expert Sibylle Kurz – who has accumulated a vast amount of experience in pitching training and has worked in various organisations – and well-known Sarajevo-based producer and founder of independent company SCCA/ Amra Bakšić Čamo explore the crucial subject of pitching and preparation.

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During the talk, they attempt to address the specific difficulties encountered by a producer while pitching, especially if it is a question of ownership of the project, or if it is regarding his or her shyness and fear of receiving feedback. Also, how hard is it for a producer to pitch the personal story of a director, and is it good to try to focus on the universality of a story? Finally, is the training of producers and of film professionals increasing the quality of pitches in general, and has pitching been mystified in the film industry?

Watch the video below:

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