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El Netherlands Film Fund lanza un nuevo protocolo de financiación y producción


- El organismo holandés ha llevado a cabo importantes cambios el 1 de enero, como un aumento del presupuesto anual para producciones nacionales

El Netherlands Film Fund lanza un nuevo protocolo de financiación y producción

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Within the context of the Netherlands Film Fund’s current policy plan (2021-2024), the Dutch public institution is aiming to forge a better connection between cultural and media policies. Its main goal is to maintain and strengthen the range of independent Dutch films, series and documentaries against the backdrop of a rapidly changing international market. Considering the increased level of competition in recent years, which has put the visibility of Dutch cultural and audiovisual output under pressure, the fund is working towards placing a particular emphasis on national cultural productions.

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One key novelty in the financing system is the more generous support being provided to Dutch productions. Since the beginning of the new year, the film fund has had a larger amount available, increasing the budget to €5 million per year for the next two years and €6.3 million annually from 2024. The focus here remains on quality films of all genres and from all categories. Twelve regular feature films will be supported as an annual average, receiving a maximum of €750,000 if they have an overall production budget of up to €1.5 million, and a maximum of €1 million in case the total budget exceeds €1.5 million. Four low-budget movies could get up to €450,000 per feature annually, with a particular priority being to speed up financing, development and realisation. Two new directorial talents per year will be supported with a maximum of €850,000 for a first film project and will also be guided through a tailor-made development process, while a further four ambitious feature projects with proven high cinematographic quality intended for a wide audience can apply for a maximum of €1.8 million if their production budget equals €3 million or more. The above contributions can also cover costs for international sales, subtitling, marketing and promotion.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues apace, the support measures intended to cover additional costs for production and distribution remain in force. This also applies to the pandemic guarantee scheme, which is even being extended to television documentaries, and drama, animation and documentary series from NPO, a parent organisation that oversees individual public broadcasters in the Netherlands.

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