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CEE Animation Experience proporciona acceso gratuito a una gran cantidad de seminarios


- La serie de masterclasses que tendrán lugar hasta finales de mayo está dirigida a los profesionales de la animación y presentará tendencias, casos de estudio y estrategias actuales

CEE Animation Experience proporciona acceso gratuito a una gran cantidad de seminarios
Robert Lence, que dará una conferencia titulada "Las películas de animación exitosas siempre tienen protagonistas fuertes" el 30 de marzo

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The CEE Animation Experience is a series of master classes organised in cooperation with selected partners in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. This new activity targets animation industry professionals, who will gain new insights, as shared by top regional and global experts, and enjoy a rewarding experience of film production directly.

The master classes will present the most up-to-date trends, case studies and strategies to local, national and regional communities of animation professionals, young talents and students. Special emphasis will be placed on the phase of development, as this is where the quality of animated works can really be boosted.

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“Our aim is to bring an interesting programme to a broad public with a wide spectrum of specific topics. All of the activities of our CEE Animation platform lead to enhancing filmmakers’ skills and improving the quality of animated projects in the CEE region; the CEE Animation Experience will be no exception,” explains Michal Podhradský, the coordinator of this activity.

The main goal of this international connection is to provide a large group of film professionals with improved access to resources and to create a logical order of presentations throughout the year so that the audience can gain varied stimuli and get as much experience as possible.

Here is the list of future and past master classes available:

Upcoming online sessions

Lecture: Successful Animated Films Are Always Driven by Strong Characters (follow live here)
30 March 2021, 16:00 – 17:30
Robert Lence will share his insights and experiences from years spent in the story department, developing animated stories at the major Hollywood studio level. Included will be case studies of how the story team faced and approached problem areas that they encountered.
Speaker: Robert Lence (Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, USA)
Moderator: David Toušek (ANOMALIA, Czech Republic)

Lecture: Creating an Immersive Sense of Storytelling in Your Visuals (follow live here)
15 April 2021, 19:00 – 20:30
Being an effective visual storyteller is more important now than it ever was if you want to create a meaningful experience. This presentation will focus on using narrative elements from your source material to create an immersive sense of storytelling in your visuals.
Speaker: Rustam Hasanov (Dreamworks, HBO, USA)
Moderator: David Toušek

Keynote: Craft of Animated Series to Screens All Over the World
May 2021 (TBC)
Shelley Hoffman will share her perspectives on the current market demands: from character-driven stories to meeting the needs of co-productions to creating IP with the power to cross platforms.
Speaker: Shelley Hoffman (Disney, 9 Story, Canada)
Moderator: David Toušek

Master classes: Primanima Industry Day
May 2021 (TBC)

Master class 1: Symbiosis (short film)
Directed by Nadja Andrasev, produced by MIYU Productions and Salto Films
Speaker: Nadja Andrasev (Hungary)

Master class 2: White Plastic Sky (feature film)
Directed by Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó, produced by Salto Films, Media Productions and Artichoke
Speakers: Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó (Hungary)

Master class 3: Hide (short film)
Directed by Daniel Benjamin Gray, produced by CUB Animation, La Cellule Productions and ONF – Office National du Film du Canada
Speakers: Daniel Benjamin Grey, Bella Szederkényi (Hungary)

Other sessions held previously

Lecture: The Beginning of the Journey. First Steps of Animation Film with the Poliektova Sisters (to be uploaded soon)
23 March 2021
The Poliektova sisters will speak about transforming the initial idea for a story into a film, and about the process of creating the initial artwork, visuals and storyboard. What are the important questions in the story, and how can we create the main character?

Lecture: Sniff Around and Hook Ideas with Miloš Tomić (watch here)
16 March 2021
The topic of this lecture is to provoke the audience into being more sensitive to their everyday surroundings and to take note of precious material for their work (in any form) in small, rarely noticed phenomena, situations, objects and movements.

Case Study: From Cartoon to Digital Game (watch here)
4 Mar 2021
How can we adapt an animated film project for the gaming industry?
Speakers: Katarina Kerekesova (Fool Moon, Slovakia), Katarina Molakova (Fool Moon, Slovakia) and Roman Vizvary (Butterfly Effect, Slovakia), the team that developed the game based on the animated film Mimi and Lisa

Master class: The Making of the Animated Feature Kill It and Leave This Town [+lee también:
entrevista: Mariusz Wilczyński
ficha del filme
(watch here)
2 Dec 2020
Speakers: Mariusz Wilczyński (Poland) and Petra Meterc (Slovenia)

Case Study Discussion: From Idea to Final Film – Even Mice Belong in Heaven (watch here, from 1:26:15 onwards)
2 Dec 2020
Speakers: Vladimír Lhoták, Jan Bubeníček (Hausboot, Czech Republic), Aneta Ozorek (Poland)

Keynote: Expanded and Hybrid Animated Projects; What to Consider (watch here from 2:52:22 onwards)
2 Dec 2020
An introduction to the versatile world of expanded animation and hybrid projects. A whole new world to explore, with new creative possibilities to express yourself and fresh ways to reach your audience.
Speakers: Yvonne van Ulden (Netherlands)

Case Study: Sympoietic Bodies (hybrid short film – watch here from 3:31:53 onwards)
2 Dec 2020
Speaker: Flavia Mazzanti (Italy)

Case Study: Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I’ve Ever Seen (hybrid short film – watch here from 4:01:50 onwards)
2 Dec 2020
Speakers: Igor Bezinović and Ivana Pipal (Croatia)

Q&A with Flavia Mazzanti, Igor Bezinović, Ivana Pipal and Sara Božanič: Hybrid Films (watch here from 4:43:05 onwards)

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