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Se rueda la nueva serie de la RTBF, Fils de

- Los rodajes de los proyectos apoyados por el Fondo de series RTBF/FWB empiezan a encadenarse con este nuevo título con Camille Pistone, Salim Talbi, Mara Taquin, Marka y Béatrice Dalle

Se rueda la nueva serie de la RTBF, Fils de
Camille Pistone y Salim Talbi en el rodaje de Fils de (© Bart Eycken/AT-Prod)

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

Launched in 2013 to make the then dormant sector of French-speaking Belgian series more dynamic, and validated by the national and international success of The Break (La Trêve) and Public Enemy (Ennemi Public), the RTBF/Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles series fund seems to have hit its stride. With the broadcast of Invisible last autumn, the announced dates for Coyotes in the spring, and the recent shoots for Baraki and Pandore, the evening programmes of the French-speaking Belgian TV channel now have a distinct taste of fiction made in Belgium more and more often.

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Fils de tells the story of a father gangster called Franck Pistone who, after spending 17 years hiding in Morocco following a robbery, returns to Brussels to make up with his son. It is the story of Camille, who must reconnect with a father who abandoned him because he tricked the Dutch mafia but did not have the courage to face them.

Fils de is also the story of an inheritance. And the problem with an inheritance is that the bigger it is, the more violent the fights. And the more cruel the family secrets…

The direction of the series is handled by Brussels director Frank Devos, who recently shot the Flemish series Undercover, a great success on Netflix.  

Regarding the cast, Camille Pistone and Salim Talbi, co-creators of the series, will be in the lead roles. Facing them will be Mara Taquin (The Specials [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, Public Enemy, soon in La Ruche by Christophe Hermans, Carpe Diem by Emmanuel Marre and the next film from Bertrand Mandico), Belgian musician Marka, and French actress Béatrice Dalle.

Created by Camille Pistone, Salim Talbi, Antoine Négrevergne, Gaëtan Delferière, Simon Bertrand and Boris Tilquin, the series is produced by AT-Prod and the RTBF.

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