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Gabriele Salvatores recoge emociones y miedos durante la pandemia


- Indiana Production y Rai Cinema anuncian el documental colectivo Viaggio in Italia, cuya idea es pintar a través del cine un retrato a muchas voces de la experiencia que estamos viviendo

Gabriele Salvatores recoge emociones y miedos durante la pandemia
El director Gabriele Salvatores

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The documentary announced by Indiana Production and Rai Cinema will be intitled Viaggio in Italia, just like Roberto Rossellini’s 1954 film and Goethe’s world famous diary. It will explore the dramatic moment in history which the country and the wider world is currently experiencing and will be directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

Back in 2014, the Oscar-winning director also shot the collective documentary Italy in a Day [+lee también:
ficha del filme
(likewise produced by Indiana), which was modelled upon Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day, seen to be the “first crowd-sourced movie” in history. Here too, in Viaggio in Italia, Salvatores asks everyone to use their mobiles so that they might act as his eyes, allowing him to travel through houses, different worlds, stories, emotions and images.

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Over the next few days, a call will be launched across social networks and the more traditional forms of media, asking anyone who’s interested to submit unseen material – filmed from inside their homes, without exception – showing how people are spending their time, what they can see from their windows, the fears, reflections and thoughts we each carry around within us, whether at work or when forcibly confined.

An editorial team made up of a network of industry professionals and collaborators spanning the entire country will find and archive the material via two parallel activities: on the one hand, searching for and selecting material which already exists online and, on the other, archiving and selecting new footage submitted in response to the call. The team’s search for material will follow a chronological order, first recounting the beginning of the epidemic when we all sat watching what was happening in China, believing it to be a far-away thing, up until its arrival on our shores and the situation we’re experiencing today.

The film will avail itself of funding and collaboration opportunities offered by institutions, voluntary associations, film and communication schools, and distribution groups across Italy. As such, the editorial team will look to develop an extensive network throughout the country, with the further aim of attracting prominent figures from Italy’s culture and communication sector.

All activities relating to the project - from research through to editing and post-production - will be carried out and overseen via smart working, whereby a network of collaborators will work from home, not only respecting government directives but also trialling a new way of working.

The editorial team will be directed by Massimo Fiocchi - a long-time collaborator of Gabriele Salvatores - and Chiara Griziotti. The editing process will be wholly dependent on smart working; individual workstations will be connected to a server from which videos having been submitted, viewed, catalogued, assessed and, finally, selected will be able to be downloaded.

In terms of social networks, official communications will be sent via Instagram - @viaggioinitaliailfilm, @rai_cinema and @theindianaway – and two videos will be uploaded explaining the project itself and how those interested can take part.

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