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El Centro Nacional de Cine de Bulgaria anuncia los ganadores de sus primeras ayudas del 2019


- Otras seis coproducciones minoritarias recibirán un apoyo financiero a la producción de casi un total de 495.000€

El Centro Nacional de Cine de Bulgaria anuncia los ganadores de sus primeras ayudas del 2019
El director Victor Bojinov, cuyos proyectos de largometrajes The Kingdom of Chamla y The Naked Truth About the Zhiguly Group han sido financiados

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Following the domestic success of his previous feature, Heights/The Liberators [+lee también:
ficha del filme
(see the news), Bulgarian director Victor Bojinov seems to be in the good graces of the Bulgarian National Film Center selection committee, as two of his new feature-length projects, The Kingdom of Chamla (produced by Gala Film) and The Naked Truth About the Zhiguly Group (Concept Studio), received funding at the first grant session organised by the centre in 2019.

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Besides Bojinov’s projects, the total amount of production support of approximately €2.44 million was shared by Zornitsa Sophia’s Mother (produced by MQ Pictures), Pavel G Vesnakov’s Windless (Red Carpet), Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov’s Triumph (Abraxas Film), and Magdelena Ilieva’s The Eternity Package (Agitprop).

Three short films shared a total of €76,000, while another €92,000 were distributed among nine projects in development.

After increasing its minority co-production funding by 53% at the beginning of 2019 (see the news), the centre has announced six new European productions that will receive financing through their Bulgarian co-production partners. Slobodan Sijan’s The Great Tram Robbery (Chouchkov Brothers), Irini Vachlioti and Panagiotis KleitharasVassilis Arvanitis (Klas Film), Radivoje Andric’s How I Learned to Fly (Art Fest), Ştefan Constantinescu’s Man & Dog (Klas Film), Jean Bergeron’s Berlin or the Art of Escape (Trivium Films), and Elina Psykou’s Stray Bodies (Red Carpet) received amounts varying between €45,000 and €113,000.

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