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Los nueve proyectos de realidad virtual 2017/18 del Biennale College - Cinema


- En inglés: Los proyectos seleccionados en la 2a edición de la iniciativa dedicada a la realidad virtual forman ahora parte del primer taller, en Venecia hasta el 19 de enero

Los nueve proyectos de realidad virtual 2017/18 del Biennale College - Cinema
Director Ivan Gergolet

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

The nine projects selected for the second edition of Biennial College - Cinema Virtual Reality – the Venice Biennale initiative dedicated to the development of virtual reality projects – come from France, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, China and India. The selected teams (composed of a director and producer) touched down in Venice on 13 January to participate in the first 7-day workshop, which is due to run until 19 January 2018.

A maximum of three teams, composed of a director and a producer, will then be selected to work on the development of a virtual reality project lasting up to 30 minutes. The teams will be supported along the way with all aspects related to the creative process, such as production, relevant audience and financing.

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From the projects developed during the workshop, up to a maximum of three VR projects will receive a production contribution of up to €60,000, thanks to support from SONY, before being presented at the 75th Venice Film Festival 2018 in the Venice Virtual Reality section, which was successfully launched in 2017.

The nine projects selected for the initial phase of the Biennale College - Cinema VR initiative are:

In the cave - Ivan Gergolet (Italy)
Producer: Antonio Giacomin

Psychopompos - Giulia Olivieri (Italy/France)
Producer:Fabrizio Polpettini

Meet Mortaza - Josephine Derobe (France)
Producer: Oriane Hurard

VRtigo - Marc Guidoni (France)
Producer: Joanna Szybist

Pierre Gagnaire - Destiny - Andrés Jarach (France)
Producer: Arnaud Colinart

Lightspeed VR - Anton Outkine (Russia)
Producer: Sergey Kornikhin

A City of Foxes - Nihaarika Negi (India)
Producer: Ishita Gandhi

4 Feet - Damian Turkieh, Maria Belen Poncio, Gonzalo Sierra (Argentina)
Producer: Ezequiel Lenardon

Deep Clot - Mauricio Osaki (Brazil/China)
Producer: Aihui Dong

The nine projects were selected by the director of the Venice Exhibition, Alberto Barbera, assisted by the Biennale College - Cinema VR team, and will be documented on the Biennale's website. The second workshop is due to be held in Venice from 21 to 24 March 2018. Biennale College - Cinema VR was funded thanks to the contribution of the Creative Europe - MEDIA program, as well as its collaboration with TorinoFilmLab.

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