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EAVE IMPACT analiza la vida post-festival y pre-SVoD de las películas


- En el quinto episodio de la segunda temporada de EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE, la experta en financiación Linda Beath y la fundadora de LevelK Tine Klint opinan sobre el tema

EAVE IMPACT analiza la vida post-festival y pre-SVoD de las películas

Este artículo está disponible en inglés.

In the fifth episode of the second season of EAVE IMPACT ONE-TO-ONE (see the news), finance expert and the founder of Ideal Filmworks Italia, which specialises in co-production and sales, Linda Beath, and the founder of sales company, digital distributor and video aggregator LevelK, Tine Klint, try to pinpoint the ideal moment for a film to finish its festival run and be released on other platforms, and which marketing tools are needed for such a move.

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With Beath underlining that, on average, a European film will be sold to seven, or up to a maximum of 20, countries, a number of questions arise: when is the right moment for a sales agent to make the decision, and will SVoD platforms like Netflix find this fact appealing? Klint shares her experience working on films that she had to release digitally and identifies the true threats posed by such a decision. They also explore which countries or territories are key for digital distribution and how local competitors could alter the market for the big global players. The entire market is shifting and switching from business-to-business marketing to business-to-consumer marketing, which could constitute a real challenge.

Watch the video below:

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