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Venecia 2020 - Biennale College Cinema

Informe de industria: Realidad virtual

El taller de realidad virtual del Biennale College Cinema selecciona tres proyectos


De entre los proyectos participantes del primer taller del mundo en tener lugar de manera virtual en su totalidad se presentará uno en la 77a Mostra de Venecia (2-12 septiembre)

El taller de realidad virtual del Biennale College Cinema selecciona tres proyectos

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The workshop hosted by the 4th edition of Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality, which closed on Friday 6 March, has been fully conducted in virtual form via a specialised platform. It’s the first time that an entire workshop, held over the course of a few days, has unfolded virtually and therefore in keeping with the language favoured by the projects in question.

Held between 3- 6 March, the virtual workshop saw the Biennale College – Cinema staff remotely connected with the three teams selected from Germany, the UK and Italy. One of these three projects will subsequently be presented in the Venice Virtual Reality section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival (2 – 12 September), directed by Alberto Barbera.

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The three projects selected for this edition of Biennale College Cinema - VR were The Pub (UK), directed by Duane Hopkins and produced by Samm Haillay; Touched by Emilia Ondriasova (Slovakia) and Sarah Lisa Vogl (Germany), also produced by Sarah Lisa Vogl, and; Vajont (Italy), directed by Iolanda Di Bonaventura and produced by Saverio Trapasso.

Supporting the three teams in the development of their projects, the workshop was held via the VR Chat application within a virtual environment designed by the VRROOM platform. This allowed the entire workshop situation to be replicated virtually, with avatars created to represent the participants in different rooms and in one common area, and featuring discussions, film and video screenings, as well as immersive 360° Virtual Reality experiences organised by the teams and the Biennale College Cinema staff.

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