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H is for Harry

Trailer [en]

H is for Harry by Edward Owles, Jaime Taylor

Minna Haapkylä, actress

Shooting Stars 2003 - Finland

Minna Haapkylä, actress

Finn actress was voted best supporting actress by the national film Academy for her debut performance in Kiss Me In The Rain  

Jella Haase • Germany

Shooting Stars 2016

Jella Haase • Germany

Jella Haase received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 German Film Awards for Suck Me Shakespeer and is currently seen in 4Kings (2 videos available)  


Habana Blues by Benito Zambrano

Trailer [DE]

Habermann by Juraj Herz

(2 videos available)  

Trailer [DE]

Habib Rhapsody by Michael Baumann

Les Habilleuses

Trailer [fr]

Les Habilleuses by Jean-Louis Mahé, Gill Sgambato

The Habit of Beauty

Clip 3 - Hai notizie di Ernesto? [it]

The Habit of Beauty by Mirko Pincelli

(5 videos available)  

Trailer 2 [it]

Habitat (Piavoli) by Claudio Casazza, Luca Ferri

(2 videos available)  


Trailer [es]

Hablar by Joaquín Oristrell

Krystof Hadek - actor

Shooting Stars 2010 - Czech Republic

Krystof Hadek - actor

Hádek had several child roles before his achieving acclaim in Dark Blue World, for which he was nominated for a Czech Lion Award for Best Supporting Actor  

Josef Hader • Director

Interview - Les cinéastes invitent l'ami européen

Josef Hader • Director

Cineuropa interviewed Austrian director Josef Hader in Paris, where he took part in the 'Filmmakers Invite the European Friend' initiative (9 videos available)  


Trailer [GB]

Hadewijch by Bruno Dumont

(3 videos available)  

Adèle Haenel • Actress


Adèle Haenel • Actress

22-year-old Adèle Haenel made her screen acting debut in 2002 in the lead role of Christophe Ruggia's The Devils. In 2007, she resumed acting and received a... (5 videos available)  

Hafis & Mara

Trailer [de st en]

Hafis & Mara by Mano Khalil

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