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Teaser [de st en]

by Jonas Heldt

mp4 (2048x1080) 1:31

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Seda (20) sorts car components all night long at Audi as a temp worker. She dreams about a permanent contract. Then she could emancipate herself from her conservative parents and buy her own Mercedes-Benz. Headhunter Eva (33) is a specialist for recruiting experts in logistics automation which will eventually make Seda's job obsolete. A minimum of 10% of all jobs at Audi in Ingolstadt will be substituted through digitalization and automation in the next years. Currently these sought-after professionals are paid top Euros. In a few years Eva wants to stop working and move to the Caribbean with her girlfriend Automotive tells a story of a generation for which work as a basis of existence is neither safe nor identity shaping. Seda and Eva might seem very different at first, but they share the same goal: personal independence and dignity through their work in the digital age.

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