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France / Belgium

306 articles available in total starting from 24/02/2003. Last article published on 02/06/2020.

Stefan Liberski •  Director

Interview: Stefan Liberski • Director

"Today's Vitellonis"

Stefan Liberski, major figure in Belgian television and famous for his hilarious sketches, goes behind the camera to make a surprising and unexpected first feature film  


Black Night

Black Night

Olivier Smolders’s first full-length feature film, is a kind of nocturnal nightmare, inspired by the narrative model of the Surrealists, a story shattered into a thousand fragments  

17/06/2005 | Films | Reviews



"The Author and his double"  


Olivier Smolders • Director

Interview: Olivier Smolders • Director


"A film that would tell a tale through the shards of a broken mirror or, a story that could be viewed through the distorting glass of a kaleidoscope"  


Cécile Telerman • Director

Interview: Cécile Telerman • Director

Nice score for Tout pour plaire

This French Sex & the City is as successful as its promising title announced. Since its release, this sassy comedy seduced has now sold over 1,250,000 tickets  




A film which speaks of things and people from our country sotto voce, with such a mixture of tenderness, absurd mildness and melancholy  

14/04/2005 | Films | Reviews

Bouli Lanners • Director

Interview: Bouli Lanners • Director

As honest as possible

Known to the public at large as a "a natural born comedian", who has had supporting roles in comedie and drama, Bouli Lanners has now directed a unexpected film, sad and beautiful  


A Portrait of Marie du Bled

A Portrait of Marie du Bled

Her first film and she has one of the supporting roles and also narrates. A no-risk ploy by the director as, when she’s onscreen, she is mesmerising  


Radu Mihaileanu • Director

Interview: Radu Mihaileanu • Director

The breath of life

Taking advantage of a tour around France, Live and Become's director agreed to tell us the fascinating adventure of making a film born from an unexpected encounter  


Denis Carot • Producer

Interview: Denis Carot • Producer

"A universal story"

The co-director of Elzevir Films tells us more about the making of Live and Become, an European coproduction  


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