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France / Belgium

306 articles available in total starting from 24/02/2003. Last article published on 02/06/2020.

Teona  Strugar Mitevska   • Director

Interview: Teona Strugar Mitevska • Director

“A story about women”

On-set interview with the film's team for an overview of a production with a family feel  


Viviane  Vanfleteren  • Producer

Interview: Viviane Vanfleteren • Producer

Belgian animation met with producer Viviane Vanfleteren (Vivi Film), Toon Roebben (3D - Walking the dog) and Marie-Laure Guisset (2D supervisor), who were partners on The Secret of Kells  


Joachim  Lafosse  • Director

Interview: Joachim Lafosse • Director

“I’d like my film to inspire reflection”

Interview by Cinergie with the 34-year-old Belgian director whose film Private Lessons was selected in the 2008 Cannes Directors’ Fortnight  


Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon  • Directors

Interview: Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon • Directors

The science of movement

We met with the colourful couple, partners on stage and in real-life, who are united by their boundless passion for the burlesque, as their second feature is released in theatres  




A lyrical and charming second feature that attempts to recapture the rhythm, lightness and spirit of the great burlesque actors of silent film  

08/09/2008 | Films | Reviews

Arta Dobroshi   • Actress

Interview: Arta Dobroshi • Actress

The Dardenne brothers’ new discovery

Cinergie met with the Dardenne brothers’ latest discovery, a 28-year-old actress who hails from Kosovo but considers herself a citizen of the world  


Jean-Pierre et Luc   Dardenne  • Directors

Interview: Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne • Directors

The Dostoevskys of Belgian film

Cinergie met with Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne shortly after their return from Cannes, where they were honoured with the award for Best Screenplay (their fifth prize after four selections)  


Lorna's Silence

Lorna's Silence

This personal journey of a woman who ends up in the steel-making town of Seraing, trying to break free from her immigrant status and longing for a better life, touches the essence of humanity  

14/07/2008 | Films | Reviews

Jaco Van Dormael • Director

Interview: Jaco Van Dormael • Director

Accident and choice

Cinergie met with the Belgian director of Toto the Hero and The Eighth Day, while he was in the middle of filming the highly ambitious Mr. Nobody  


Princess of the Sun

Princess of the Sun

A European animated co-production adapted from Christian Jacq's best-selling novel invites younger audiences to discover the adventures of a princess and the not-so-young, the mysticism of Akhenaton  

20/03/2007 | Films | Reviews

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