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1375 articles available in total starting from 24/05/2002. Last article published on 20/01/2022.

Love on the big screen

The comedy Love Actually is being released across Europe this week. The film by Richard Curtis was distributed in Italian and Portuguese cinemas last week and went straight in at the number one...  

21/11/2003 | Releases | Europe

ACE 2003 session

The list of the 15 independent producers chosen as part of the 13th annual session of the “Ateliers of European Cinema” (ACE), has been announced. These producers come from 10 different countries...  

31/10/2003 | Productions | Europe

United for a European support system

The European bodies responsible for the allocation of finances to cinema and audiovisual works from the member states of the European Union, have had a meeting to send an appeal to Viviane Reding,...  

30/10/2003 | Funding | Europe

Bollain for Indie Circle

The new distribution chain Indie Circle, which brings together the Belgium company Cinéart, the French Haut et Court, the Dutch A-Film, the Swiss Frénétic Film and the Italian Lucky Red, has made...  

21/10/2003 | Distribution | Europe

Power to the Union

A new company has been set up involving the joint forces of 5 independent European distributors. The new venture is called Indie Circle, and it brings together the French firm Haut et Court, the...  

08/09/2003 | Distribution | Europe

European Cinema Days

The event is being organised by Antenna Media Torino and Wallimage. Around 100 representatives from the European Regional Funds are expected to attend, along with delegates from local municipal...  

05/09/2003 | Funding | Europe

European Pitch Point 2004

The deadline for professional screenwriters to present either a feature film screenplay or treatment for the 5th edition of European Pitch Point is 1 September 2003. All genres are welcome and...  

24/07/2003 | Events | Europe

ACE net goes online

Since its inception ten years ago, Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (ACE) has steadily become a major player in the training and development it offers to indie producers. Now the organisation which...  

24/07/2003 | Production | Europe

United by diversity

Good news for Europe's legion film production schemes following the European Convention's decision of 10 July, to uphold the principle of unanimity for all agreements regarding the audiovisual and...  

11/07/2003 | Production | Europe

Immersion Europe 2003

The goal of Immersion Europe is to create " forum to re-launch co-production between Canada and Europe. " The event was announced at the Cannes Film Festival by Téléfilm Canada in partnership with...  

29/05/2003 | Ateliers | Europe/Canada

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