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PRODUCTION / FUNDING Canada / Luxembourg

Series Giltrude's Dwelling enters into co-development


- Film Fund Luxembourg and the Canada Media Fund have announced joint support for the pre-production of this promising project, which straddles sci-fi and fantasy

Series Giltrude's Dwelling enters into co-development
A promotional image of Giltrude's Dwelling

Giltrude's Dwelling by Canada’s Jeremy Lutter has been turning heads since 2019.  The recipient of roughly a dozen awards which has also been selected for forty or so events - including the 38th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - this 15-minute short film, shot in live action, offers up a clever blend of science-fiction and fantasy.

A mysterious Victorian house inhabited by a family changes its location every day without ever returning to the same spot twice, except at night-time when the residence drops anchor in a dark and swampy realm. For 11-year-old Giltrude, the rules are clear: no venturing outdoors once night-time has fallen. One evening, her parents disappear. Henceforth, Giltrude must live out her adolescence alone inside the house, hostage to the whims of the supernatural abode which whisks her to new, wonderful lands with every dawning day. Meanwhile at sunset, an old clock in the lounge sounds the exact hour when the house disappears and returns to the nether regions…

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In this sense, Giltrude's Dwelling sets the boundaries of a rich universe, and Lutter’s short film barely scratches the surface of the many potential plot developments on offer. It’s for this reason that Albertan producer Michael Peterson (775mediacorp) is looking to develop a series further exploring this dramatic world which does indeed show great promise. A first season is on the cards, composed of 10 to 12 episodes, each lasting 52 minutes, and the original creators - director Jeremy Lutter and screenwriter Marcy Waughtal - will play an integral role in this adventure.

Following on from the incentive drawn up by the Luxembourg and Canadian governments in order to encourage co-development in the audiovisual sector (the Film Fund LuxembourgCanadian Media Fund bilateral agreement 2020-2021 – read our news), a subsidy of almost €65,000 has just been awarded for pre-production work on Giltrude's Dwelling. The firm Calach Films, which is based in the Grand Duchy and is managed by Jesus Gonzalez, will steer the European side of things. Canadian Michael Peterson stresses the importance of collaborating with Luxembourg, recognising that "the country allows us access to excellent post-production resources, also in the area of visual effects. For this reason, the final product will better correspond to the reality and expectations of the North American and European markets." The two partners met during the most recent virtual edition of the Fin Partners co-production market and, for his part, Jesus Gonzalez "passionately believes that this series has the potential to encounter huge commercial success."

In Latter’s short film, Giltrude meets Oscard, a lost boy who finds an ally in the teenage protagonist. The duo are joined in the series by the warrior Kirard, who’s a canny blend of heroes Indiana Jones and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Viewers will get to know new adventurers in every episode: the "House Travellers" (who represent Good) and the "Guardians" of Evil who are hell-bent on committing interplanetary cultural genocide. They’re all on the hunt for the "Mask of Answers" which bestows great power upon she or he who wears it. Inspired by Game of Thrones and Star Wars, there will be a new story in every episode of Giltrude's Dwelling, thanks to the nomadic nature of the Victorian residence which opens a window onto a different world each and every morning.

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