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The coronavirus crisis threatens European film


- We present an overview of the film events that have been cancelled or postponed owing to the measures adopted by various European governments to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic

The coronavirus crisis threatens European film

The fear of the coronavirus outbreak keeps wreaking havoc across the world, and the European film industry is certainly no stranger to its repercussions. After the alarm was first raised in other sectors, it is now the film industry's turn to suffer cancellations, postponements and reorganisations due to the measures being adopted by various European governments. As the number of infections escalates quickly all across the continent and the authorities attempt to stop it from growing any bigger, film bodies in charge of organising film festivals, markets and other events are being forced to modify them and adapt them to the current situation.

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Our partner EFAD is also providing us with information on the measures taken by its national member institutes.

Here is the list of events cancelled or postponed as of 27 March:


Measures from the Austrian Film Institute

Cinemas closed

17th Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz (original dates 21-16 April, cancelled)

23rd Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film (original dates 24-29 March, cancelled)


Measures from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre (read news)

Cinemas closed

23rd Brussels Short Film Festival (original dates 22 April-3 May, postponed)

8th MOOOV Film Festival (original dates 21 April-4 May, partly moved online, party postponed to Film Fest Gent, October, and Film Festival Oostende, January)

38th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (original dates 7-19 April, cancelled)

19th Courtisane Film Festival (original dates 1-5 April, cancelled)

11th Millenium Documentary Film Festival (original dates 27 March-4 April, postponed September-October)

15th Docville (original dates 25 March-2 April, postponed to 23 Septembre-1 October, Docville Online during the confinement)

35th Mons International Film Festival (original dates 5-13 March, stopped before end) (read news)


6th Northern Lights Nordic-Baltic Film Festival in Belarus (original dates 23-30 April, postponed)


Cinemas closed


Cinemas closed

24th Sofia International Film Festival (original dates 12-31 March, postponed) (read news)


Measures from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Cinemas closed

16th ZagrebDox (original dates 15-22 March, postponed) (read news)
ZagrebDox Pro still taking place online (read news)

Czech Republic

Cinemas closed

All MIDPOINT Institute activities planned for April and May (postponed)

22nd Cinema on Border/Kino na Hranici/Kino na Granicy (original dates 1-5 May, postponed to 21-26 August)

33th Finále Plzeň (original dates 16-22 April, postponed to 24-29 September)

27th Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest (original dates 19-27 March, cancelled) (read news)
Czech Works in Progress still taking place online

22nd One World Prague International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (original dates 5-14 March, cancelled)


Cinemas open, attendance restriction

18th Cyprus Film Days International Festival (original dates 3-11 April, postponed) Industry Days (moved online)


Measures from the Danish Film Institute (read news)

Cinemas closed

17th CPH:DOX (original dates 18-29 March, moved online) (read news)


Cinemas closed

Film and TV Awards ceremony (original date 2 April, postponed)

15th Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (HÕFF) (original dates 30 April-2 May, set to be postponed or moved online)


Measures from the Finnish Film Foundation (read news)

Cinemas closed

Jussi Awards ceremony (original date 20 March, postponed)

31st Espoo Cine (original dates 4-10 May, postponed)

8th Season Film Festival (original dates 26-29 March, postponed to autumn)


Measures from the CNC (read news)

Cinemas closed

67th Cannes Lions festival (22-26 June, postponed for 26–30 October)

73rd Cannes Film Festival (12-23 May, possibly postponed) (read news)

12th Festival international du film policier de Beaune (original dates 1-5 April, cancelled)

57th MipTv (original dates 30 March-2 April) (cancelled) (read news)

3rd Canneséries Festival (original dates 27 March-1 April, postponed to 9-14 October) (read news)

5th Festival du Film Subversif de Metz (original dates 25-29 March, cancelled)

32nd Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse (original dates 20-29 March, cancelled)

11e SériesMania (original dates 20-28 March, cancelled)

42nd Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil (original dates 13-22 March, cancelled)

42nd Cinéma du Réel Festival (original dates 13-22 March, moved online) (read news)

10th Festival 2 Cinéma de Valenciennes (original dates 10-15 March, cancelled)


Measures from the German Federal Film Board

Cinemas closed

66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (original dates 13-18 May, postponed, alternative edition to be held online)


8th CineDOC Tbilisi (original dates 23-27 April, postponed)


Measures from the Greek Film Centre

Cinemas closed

22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (original dates 5-15 March, possible new dates end of May/beginning of June) (read news)
Agora Doc Market still taking place online (read news)


Cinemas closed

3rd Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival (original dates 23-29 March, postponed)
Budapest Debut Film Forum (original dates 24-26 March, postponed)


Measures from the Icelandic Film Centre (read news)

Cinemas closed

Edda Awards ceremony (original date 20 March, postponed)


Measures from Screen Ireland

Some cinemas closed


Measures from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism (MIBACT) - Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual (read news)

Cinemas closed

David di Donatello Awards ceremony (original date 3 April, postponed to 8 May)

22th Udine Far East Film Festival (original dates 24 April-2 May, postponed 26 June-4 July)

68th Trento Film Festival (original dates 25 April-3 May, postponed)

34th Bolzano Film Festival Bozen (original dates 21-26 April, postponed to 9-14 June)

13th Pordenone Docs Fest - Le voci dell’inchiesta (original dates 15-19 April, postponed)

42nd Incontri Internazionali del Cinema di Sorrento (original dates 15-19 April, postponed)

10th Rendez-vous, le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Français - Rome, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Turin (original dates 1-6 April, postponed)

21st Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus (original dates 28 March-3 April, postponed to 5-11 December)

18th BAFF - Busto Arsizio Film Festival (original dates 28 March-4 April, postponed)

10th Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival (original dates 25-28 March, postponed)

30th Festival Cinema Africano, Asia e America Latina - Milano (original dates 21-29 March, postponed to 2-10 May)

11th Bif&st - Bari International Film Festival (original dates 21-28 March, postponed)

14th Reggio Calabria Film Fest (original dates 16-21 March, postponed)

27th Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (original dates 13-21 March, postponed to 7-15 May)

38th Bergamo Film Meeting (original dates 7-15 March, postponed to 23-31 May) (read news)


Cinemas closed


Cinemas closed


Cinemas closed

25th Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (original dates 19 March-2 April, moved online) (read news)
Meeting Point – Vilnius (original dates 30 March-1 April, cancelled) (read news)


Cinemas closed

10th Luxembourg City Film Festival (original dates 5-15 March, stopped before end) (read news)


Cinemas closed


Measures from Netherlands Film Fund (read news)

Cinemas closed

36th Imagine Film Festival (original dates 16-25 April, cancelled)

12th Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (original dates 1-5 April, cancelled)

11th MoviesThatMatter (original dates 20-28 March, cancelled, partly moved online)

2nd Maghreb Film Festival (original dates 26-29 March, postponed)

20th Arab Film Festival (original dates 25-29 March, cancelled)

North Macedonia

Measures from North Macedonia Film Agency

Cinemas closed


Measures from the Norwegian Film Institute (read news)

Cinemas closed


Measures from the Polish Film Institute

Cinemas closed

13rd Animator Festival (original dates, 10-16 July, postponed to 3-9 October)

17th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (original dates 8-22 May, postponed to 4-13 September)

22nd Cinema on Border/Kino na Hranici/Kino na Granicy (original dates 1-5 May, postponed to 21-26 August)

18th Polish Film Festival Kinoteka (original dates 19 March-15 April, postponed)

12th Short Waves Festival (original dates 17-22 March, postponed to August)


Measures from the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual

Cinemas closed

Sophia Awards ceremony (original date 22 March, postponed)

17th IndieLisboa – International Film Festival (original dates 30 April-10 May, postponed)

13th Festa do Cinema Italiano (original dates 1-9 April, postponed)

2nd FICLO (March 28-April 5, postponed)

20th Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival (original dates 18-28 March, postponed)


Cinemas closed

Gopo Awards ceremony (original date 24 March, postponed)

13th One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (original dates 20-29 March, postponed)


Cinemas closed


Measures from Slovak Audiovisual Fund

Cinemas closed

28th Art Film Fest Kosice (original dates 19-27 June, postponed)

27th Bratislava International Film Festival – Febiofest (original dates 11-17 March, cancelled) (read news)

8th Visegrad Film Forum (original dates 10-14 March, cancelled) (read news)


Cinemas closed


Cinemas closed

29th CineEurope (UNIC - International Union of Cinemas annual convention) (original dates 22-25 June, postponed to 3-6 August)

10th D'A Film Festival (original dates 30 April-10 May, moved online)

6th Filmadrid (original dates 5-13 June, cancelled, only online initiative The Video Essay is being celebrated)

1st Iberseries, Fetival internacional de series en español (original dates 25-30 May)

16th DocumentaMadrid (original dates 4-10 May, postponed)

19th Play-Doc International Film Festival (original dates 29 April-3 May, postponed)

20th Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (original dates 17-26 April, cancelled)

4th BCN Film Festival (original dates 17-24 April, postponed to 19-26 June)

3rd Festival Cine hecho por Mujeres de Madrid (original dates 15-26 April, postponed to 17-28 June)

6th SACO. Semana del Audiovisual Contemporáneo de Oviedo (original dates 10-19 April, postponed)

3rd MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Festival (original dates 31 March-4 April, postponed)

6th Muestra de Cine Francófono de Madrid (original dates 19-22 March, postponed)

23rd Málaga Film Festival (original dates 13-22 March, postponed)

3rd Oh La Là Festival de Cinema Francòfon de Barcelona (original dates 12-21 March, postponed 1-10 October)


Measures from the Swedish Film Institute (read news)

Some cinemas closed

1st M:brane Forum (original dates 10-12 March, cancelled)


Measures from the Federal Office for Culture

Cinemas closed

Swiss Film Award ceremony (original date 27 March, postponed to Locarno Film Festival, 5-15 August)
(The awards will be announced on 23 March, and handed physically at the Locarno Film Festival)

51st Visions du Réel (original dates 24 April-25 May, set to be moved online)

8th Locarno L’immagine e la parola (original dates 28 to 29 March, cancelled)

18th FIFDH Genève (original dates 6-15 March, cancelled with online events)


17th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (original dates 20-29 March, postponed)


Measures from the British Film Institute (read news)

Cinemas closed

74th Edinburgh International Film Festival (original dates 17-28 June, postponed)

2nd Docs Ireland in Belfast (original dates 10-14 June, postponed)

10th Hawick Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (original dates 30 April–4 May, moved online during 1-3 May)

20th Belfast Film Festival (original dates 1-9 April, postponed to be merged with Foyle Film Festival, November)

16th Manchester International Short Film Festival (original dates 21-29 March, postponed)

34th BFI Flare (original dates 18-29 March, cancelled)

13th Glasgow Short Film Festival (original dates 18-22 March, postponed)

24th Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London (original dates 12-20 March, cancelled)

Out of Europe

(Israel) 22nd Tel Aviv's International Documentary Film Festival Docaviv (original dates 21-30 May, postponed to 3-12 September) (read news)

(Mexico) Premios Platino (original dates 1-3 May, cancelled)

(Mexico) 35th FICG Guadalajara International Film Festival (original dates 20-27 March, postponed)

(Qatar) 6th Qumra (original dates 20-25 March, cancelled)

(Turkey) 39th Istanbul Film Festival (original dates 10-21 April, postponed)
15th Meetings on the Bridge (moved online, read news)

(US) 19th Tribeca Film Festival (original dates 15-26 April, postponed)

(US) 33rd SXSW Festival (original dates 13-22 March, cancelled)

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