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Lluís Miñarro produces Javier Tolentino’s debut


- Un blues para Teherán –financed by a successful crowdfunding campaign– will be the directorial debut for the film journalist

Lluís Miñarro produces Javier Tolentino’s debut
Javier Tolentino (with his back to camera) taking pictures in Iran

During the last Abycine festival, where Lluís Miñarro received the festival’s special award, filming began of a documentary directed by Sebastián Arabia about the lively Catalan producer, who has been behind works by –among many other distinguished filmmakers– Albert Serra, Javier Rebollo and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes. Miñarro, always chatty and enthusiastic, was accompanied at the festival by Javier Tolentino, radio journalist for Radio Nacional de España, Spain’s national public radio service: together they are preparing filming of the reporter’s directorial debut, Un blues para Teherán, which is in the pre-production phase.

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The film has been defined by its director as a special tribute –between love, poetry and tragicomedy– to the people of Iran: “I want to tell the story of their everyday lives, of those who fish in the Caspian Sea and sell you their rice dishes, in order to build bridges and open a dialogue with a mysterious country about which us westerners hold certain stigma and prejudice”, said Tolentino. “Un blues para Teherán will not be an epic or political film, but a journey that will challenge stereotypes of Iranian society”, concludes the novice director, known for his radio show about film El séptimo vicio.

The film will star Erfan, a funny and ironic young man, who sings, writes poetry and lives with his parents (and his parrot), but knows nothing about love. He constitutes one of the fragments that describe the reality of a nation, and that will become the perfect metaphor for the country, divided and lost between its principles and its longing for progress. This man was the vehicle through which the film’s team got to know the rest of the characters: Bahman, a Taleshi musician; Golmehr, who beneath his apparent fragility hides a great strength; Asghar, a patriotic fisherman from the Caspian Sea, who possesses a great poetic sensitivity; Army and Yasi, who dream of becoming actresses; and Meysam, Erfan’s ally, who shares with him his passion for film.

Un blues para Teherán is a production by Eddie Saeta (Lluís Miñarro’s company) and Valencian production agency Quatre Films. Shooting is set to take place in the summer of 2020.

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(Translated from Spanish by Laura Villada)

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