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Losers Revolution: A buddy film with a Belgian flavour


- Thomas Ancora and Grégory Beghin are now shooting their first feature film, a project initiated by Annabella Nezri on behalf of Kwassa Films

Losers Revolution: A buddy film with a Belgian flavour
Actors-directors Thomas Ancora and Grégory Beghin

Thomas Ancora and Grégory Beghin have just begun the quick-fire filming of their first movie Losers Revolution, a wacky comedy produced by Kwassa Films off the back of a call for “outside of the box” film projects, launched two years ago by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre. These works of limited budget, which can either be the first or the second opuses of the selected filmmakers, must be put together quickly, at a low cost, and often boast innovative formats that are rarely seen in the Belgian cinematic landscape.

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Losers Revolution, the second project in this particular programme to enter into filming after Fils de Plouc by Lenny and Harpo Gruit, obviously meets the production criteria in question, but it also more than satisfies the demand for artistic ambition in its daring and unprecedented attempt to transpose the narrative structures of American-style comedies (the directors cite Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, and The Hangover in particular) into a 100% Belgian cinematographic set-up, from the décor through to the casting, and its various cultural references.

Simon (Clément Manuel), Mehdi (Kody Kim) and Fred (Baptiste Sornin), three childhood friends, are invited to the burial of Juan, an old classmate who has one last wish: that the boys take revenge over their former tormentors by throwing his ashes over them at the school reunion and creating a “losers’ revolution” movement on social media. But with only 12 followers, it’s not all that easy to create a buzz. Who better, then, than Henry (Thomas Ancora), Simon’s little brother and reality TV star-come-social media guru, to help them achieve their aim? There’s only one tiny problem: Henry and Simon despise one another.

Losers Revolution is produced by Annabella Nezri on behalf of Kwassa Films. Annabelle is also producing Jumbo [+see also:
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, the long-awaited first feature film by Zoé Wittock, and is making arrangements for another first feature film, Olivier Pairoux’s family film The Highest Step in the World, to be shot at the end of the summer.

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(Translated from French)

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