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LOCARNO 2018 Out of Competition

Review: Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita


- LOCARNO 2018: The new film by Silvano Agosti – in world premiere and out of competition at the 71st Locarno Film Festival – is a nostalgic homage to the events that took place from 1968-1978

Review: Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita

In world premiere and out of competition at the 71st edition of the Locarno Film FestivalOra e sempre riprendiamoci la vita [+see also:
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 by Silvano Agosti is a nostalgic homage to a decade of Italian and international turmoil which led to great hope and numerous achievements in defence of human dignity, and which simultaneously assisted in a systematic attempt that unfortunately failed to take hold on a larger scale. 

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They were years that saw some amazing social achievements, but there was almost no trace of the people and struggles that contributed to these conquests in the headlines, everything was gathered and trivialised under the umbrella of the Years of Lead (Anni di Piombo).

In reality, thanks to numerous movements, such as the student movement, the workers' movement, the feminist movement, the trade unions and the housing occupation movement, important objectives were achieved in defence of the weaker sections of society: from Article 18 in defence of the workplace and the status of workers to abortion and divorce laws.

According to Agosti, following the murder of Aldo Moro, Italy has witnessed the slow and progressive dismantling of the successes achieved during those years, but, worse still, the factors that gave rise to those achievements have been anaesthetised too, allowing us to believe that a better world is simply a richer world.

As the director explained during a discussion following the screening, movements in the 70s did not want to "change" the world, they only wanted to protect it from a predatory power that didn't respect it or the dignity of human beings.

Silvano Agosti was born in Brescia in 1938. After graduating from high school, he left Italy to move to London and then to France and Germany; during those years he made ends meet with poor-paying temporary work. Eager to see the world, he embarked on a road trip around the Mediterranean, visiting in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

In 1962 he graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia with a degree in directing, and in the following two years he completed a master's course at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. After several years spent traveling around the Soviet Union, America and India he settled in Rome, where he worked as an animator and protectionist at Azzurro Scipioni cinema, while directing his films. In 2007 he submitted a request to UNESCO asking for the Human Being to be declared a World Heritage Site. 

Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita was produced by Edizioni l'Immagine, while international distribution is being handled by Edizioni l'Immagine and the Istituto Luce Cinecittà.

(Translated from Italian)

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