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FUNDING Netherlands

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive funds 13 new productions


- The incentive scheme offered by the Netherlands Film Fund grants over €4.7 million in cash rebates

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive funds 13 new productions
Director Carolina Hellsgård, whose project Sunburned has been funded

The official beneficiaries of the Film Production Incentive’s second round of funding for 2018 have been announced by the Netherlands Film Fund. In all, the national agency subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is providing 13 new audio-visual productions with over €4.7 million in cash rebates. It is estimated that these funds will generate a total production spend of over €18.3 million in the Netherlands, with positive knock-on effects for the industry as a whole.

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The scheme will provide support to 12 feature-length films and 1 animated feature film, including 9 international co-productions. The only animated feature to be awarded funds is José Zelada and Richard ClausAinbo, a Dutch-Peruvian co-production that tells the story of a girl from the Amazon jungle who tries to save her people and her village from destruction. Produced by Cool Beans in co-operation with Tunche Films (Peru), the total sum awarded to Ainbo amounts to €1,021,413.

Three feature films have been successful in their second application to the scheme, namely 10 Songs For Charity (€307,090), Porcelain (€155,167) and Sunburned (€64,820). The first feature, penned and directed by Karin Junger, is an urban musical about illegal, immigrant women in Europe, produced by De Productie in co-production with Belgian firms Minds Meet and Altitude 100. Jenneke Boeijink's Porcelain, produced by New Amsterdam Film Company and co-produced with Wrong Men (Belgium) and Verdeoro (Italy), is a film focusing on the lives of Thomas and his family, turned upside down by a sudden and inexplicable illness. Finally, Carolina Hellsgård’s Sunburned, produced by Dutch outfit The Film Kitchen, in co-operation with Niko Film (Germany) and Staron Films (Poland), follows twelve-year-old Claire, on vacation with her family in Morocco, as she meets Amram, a Senegalese immigrant.

In total, four domestic films have been granted support, namely Ruud Schuurman’s family film 100% Coco New York (€278,416, produced by Tom de Mol Productions), Dennis Bots’ big screen adaptation of Circus Noël (€358,000, produced by Incredible Film and Phanta Basta), Mees Peijnenburg’s drama Paradise Drifters (€258,752, produced by Pupkin Films) and Halina Reijn’s Locus of Control (€331,258, produced by Topkapi Films), a story which unfurls in the world of psychiatry.

Finally, the five international co-productions benefitting from the scheme include Ninja Thyberg’s Jessica (€45,698), co-produced by Lemming Film, Plattform Produktion (Sweden) and Logical Pictures (France); Steven Wouterlood’s My Extraordinary Summer With Tess (€388,569), co-produced by Bind & Willink and German firm Ostlicht; Ruth Olshan’s Raspberries With Mustard (€69,081), produced by Bos Bros in co-operation with Zischlermann Filmproduktion (Germany) and Bulletproof Cupid (Belgium); and two feature films produced by Topkapi Films in co-operation with Belgian partners, Anna van der Heide’s Shit Happens (€842,026, co-produced with Menuet Film) and Lodewijk CrijnsTailgating (€609,797, co-produced with Savage Film).

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive provides support to qualifying Dutch projects via cash rebates on production costs incurred within the Netherlands. The application deadline for the next support scheme - the Incentive for Film and High End series - is 3 September 2018.

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