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Sunny Side of the Doc 2012

- The 23rd edition of Sunny Side of the Doc: the documentary co-production market opened in La Rochelle (France). Cineuropa is live tweeting the event with comments, quotes and interviews of the documentary sector's professionals...

Sunny Side of the Doc 2012

Sunny Side of the Doc 2012

The 23rd edition of Sunny Side of the Doc: the documentary co-production market opened in La Rochelle (France) and as a media partner, @Cineuropa is live tweeting the event with comments, quotes and interviews of the documentary sector's professionals...

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1.800 registered participants from all around the world at this year’s Sunny Side of the Doc. Not bad!


Director - Sunny Side of the Doc
About the editorial theme of the 23rd edition: RESISTANCES...
Yves Jeanneau @ Sunny Side of the Doc 2012 - RESISTANCESCineuropa
About the special FOCUS ON CHINA...
Yves Jeanneau @ Sunny Side of the Doc - FOCUS ON CHINACineuropa
About Sunny Side of the Doc's IMPACT ON THE INDUSTRY...
Yves Jeanneau @ Sunny Side of the Doc - THE IMPACTCineuropa
Sunny Side Day 2. Welcome to our participants !!! @SunnySideDocSunnySide of the Doc


@SunnySideDoc watching the little gems BIP pitches. How to match unique doc "gems" with strict tv slots? what a challenge!cuban hat project
I AM A MAN - Mandelay Bay Pictures (South Africa)
What makes you an man? What are the dangers of tradition and rituals like circumcision? What does it mean to walk away from those traditions when you live in a society ruled by them?
'I Am a Man' is a South African project about a boy that went for circumcision but lost his penis instead.
IN EXTASY - Pieter Van Huystee Film (Netherlands)
Since the inception of Dance music in the late 1980's Dutch DJs have headed this revolution in music, and will headline this film. A young girl asks herself how Dance affects her emotions. Why can't I help myself from surrendering to the music? Puzzled by the mystery of Dance: what made me succumb to this musical Extasy? In three sets we go through the same experiences that the audiences on the Dance floor. Starting off with a tantalizing set, the DJ's work towards a climax, leaving room for a peaceful serenity. In the epilogue the audience will be immersed into the oscillating movements of the dancing masses. Imaginative 3D visual graphics draw us into the heads and minds of the DJ's.
'In Extasy' by Pieter Van Huystee Film from The Netherlands is a project on how dance affects emotions.
Producer of 'In Extasy' describes his project as an unconscious kind of 3D experience. #SunnySideDoc
THE TIES THAT BIND: Neighborhood Committees in China - Rare Media (China)
Most Chinese citizens do not have much direct business with the government, but almost all of them deal with the NC in one way or another in their lives: from exercising their voting rights to voicing their complaints against neighbors, from drug rehabilitation to help with domestic difficulties, the average Chinese urban resident rely on the NC for an array of quotidian yet indispensable social services. Tens of thousands of professionals in China devote their careers to these tasks. The project selects ten NCs from ten cities as perspectives on ordinary Chinese urban life today. Through documenting their work, they present key aspects of everyday life in China.
'The Ties that binds' is a 10 episodes Chinese documentary project produced by Rare Media with 1 million € budget
ROCK'N'ROLL FARMER YOU WAKI - TV Tokyo Corporation (Japan)
After hearing the Tohoku earthquake news on March 11, 2011, Waki heads immediately to the afflicted area. Upon arriving, he searches for somebody to help, but feels powerless. After wandering around for a few days, he meets a farmer who has lost his plantation to the tsunami. Waki tries to convince the farmers who have lost their land in Tohoku to relocate to open fields in western Japan. The people in the west, however, are concerned about the radiation from the damaged power plants. Will they accept the farmers from Tohoku? Armed with his “tabi” and and the guitar on his back, he embarks on a new journey as he attempts to re-connect Japan through agriculture and music.
I already like 'Rock'n Roll Farmer You Waki' produced by TV Tokyo Corporation. A mix of drama, nostalgia and Rock and roll. #pitching
This is what Japanese mean by rock n’ roll #pitching folks! #SunnySideDoc
HOME FLOATING AWAY - Bin Li & Cnex (China)
The South-to-North Water Transfer Project is by far the world's largest water diversion project. The project is divided into eastern, central and western lines. It diverts water from the south and stretches thousands of kilometers, used to to provide clean water for northern China, including Beijing. The investment is equivalent to the sum of two Three Gorges Project. These sources need to cross over 200 rivers, including heavy industrial areas, so when they arrive at the destination, the water quality has been seriously polluted, and almost impossible to use. However, there are 320,000 ordinary people who have paid a heavy price by forced relocation in China for this project.
Chinese project 'Home Floating Away' already won best pitch at Asian Side of the Doc. Very moving subject indeed.


1.5M€ for buying and co-producing international docs.

Rare Media, the most productive documentary institution in China, keeps long-term stable cooperation with the 8 professional documentary channels, and stable broadcasting relationship with 200 local TV stations. Rare media, concentrating on production, distribution and investment, is the most active supplier of non-fiction video with big potential.
Rare Media showcases the potential of the Chinese market for international documentaries.Cineuropa
Rare Media needs 300 hr of foreign docs by next october for their 60 broadcasters so they are in a rush, eager to speed the buying
China is a country with a huge demand in documentaries says Rare Media
Chinese Doc specialized channel View Doc claims having 300 million viewers each day. Wow. #SunnySideDoc
"If your project is of any interest to us, let's check it out right away and we'll sign the buying contracts now" - Rare
"We haven't co-produced any international docs yet so pls come to us with your projects and we can sit and talk about them now"- Rare
The problem with Chinese broadcasters is that they seek 30 minutes docs. This is an issue for european 52 minutes standards.
30 million chinese households own a 3D TV set so there is a huge market for docs in 3D in


Emmanuelle Guilbart - Directrice Générale Déléguée aux Programmes de France Télévisions et Directrice de France 4;
Boris Razon - Directeur des nouvelles écritures et du transmédia de France Télévisions; 
Caroline Behar - Directrice de l'Unité Documentaires de France 5 - Directrice des acquisitions et des coproductions internationales de France Télévisions; 
Fabrice Puchault - Directeur de l'Unité Documentaires de France 2; 
Dana Hastier - Directrice de l'Unité Documentaires de France 3; 
Jérôme Poidevin - Directeur des Antennes Régionales de France 3; 
Yann Renoard - Directeur Délégué aux Programmes de France 4 en charge des Productions; 
Luc de Saint Sernin - Directeur de la Coordination des Antennes Outre-mer; 
Gilles Camouilly - Directeur de l'Antenne et des Programmes de France Ô
#SunnySide Day 2 - a lot of people are gathering up for @Francetele presentation at the #Agora
In 2011 @Francetele has produced 1443 documentaries and has invested 88 millions € in the sector.
7300 hours of documentaries were broadcasted on the @Francetele channels in 2011 with 11 millions viewers each week watching docs in
Boris Razon: “we want to bring 3 types of experiences” in our web doc offer. Narrative exp. Live storytelling. Huge transmedia
Fabrice Puchault: “Documentary is not a matter of quota at @Francetele, it’s a philosophy, a statement and a necessity”
Dana Hastier’s doc editorial line. Relationship with intellectuals. Tell an appealing story. Remain a broadcaster and not a


Barbara Tonelli is the co-founder and Director of content at

Touscoprod is the first crowdfunding platform for independent movie projects in France. By helping these projects (from 15€), members of touscoprod become coprod, get access to exclusive content and advantages (invitation to the shooting, DVD, meetings with the cast & crew, movie premieres, etc.) and get a share of the earnings made by the film.

Barbara Tonelli explains the mechanism that links the 3 different circles of funders in a successful crowd funded project:
Barbara Tonelli (Touscoprod) @ Sunny Side of The Doc 2012Cineuropa
Don't miss the welcome speech at 10:00 AM in the presence of Yves Jeanneau and Rudy Buttignol, our honorary president, in the #agoraSunnySide of the Doc
Rudy Buttignol “Public broadcasting has to compete to present independant views”

PITCHING: BIPS (Best International Project Showcase) - INVESTIGATION

2 out of 5 internationally selected projects are about women’s rights. 2 others are about the nuclear threat. 5 out of 5 are about
THE GREY ZONE (Simple Production – Belgium)
Close to the destroyed reactors of Fukushima, on the border of the evacuation zone, the city of Minamisoma seems to survive in a timeless world. The future of the town depends on strange operations of decontamination of the nuclear plant, as well as on the very unlikely stabilization of the reactors. This city is the birthplace of the samurai culture. Those mythical Japanese warriors are haunting this little city since more than 1000 years. Each year, the inhabitants recall their memories during a festival. They remember Masakado, the rebel against the central authority and the defender of his people. Is the spirit of Masakado still surviving in this city in danger?
Leave? Stay? Fight? The Grey Zone is a Belgian project directed by nuclear chemist Alain De Halleux #pitching #Fukujima
                        ----> CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WEB SERIE
THE AFGHAN WARRIORS (Making DOC Producciones – Spain)
Developed with the support of the MEDIA Programme (European Union). Selected in the International Pitch MIPDOC 2012. Sadaf Rahimi will represent Afghanistan in the 2012 Olympic Games. She is a younger boxer and she knows that this might be her only opportunity ever to participate. Paradoxically, she trains with the Afghan Women's Boxing Team in the Ghazi Stadium where the Taliban carried out public executions of women. The coach is Mohammed Sabir, he created the team five years ago and continuing with it despite the threats. The Afghan Warriors will follow Sadaf's participation in the Olympics and will tell the stories of Afghan women who fight to defend their rights in the country.
Only 88.000€ left to finance 'The Afghan Warriors' a spanish woman boxing doc that didn't find a national broadcaster.
ATOMIC AFRICA (a&o buero filmproduktion – Germany)
This film is about the criminal activities of multinational nuclear enterprises in Africa. It shows how uranium mining by French, German, British, Canadian and American companies causes the slow death of millions of people, it describes the dangers of gangs and terrorists illegally acquiring nuclear material, it proves how tons of European and American nuclear waste are dumped on African soil – and it shows how ruthlessly the nuclear industry lobbies African governments to invest in nuclear power.
The world is concerned. 'Atomic Africa' is the 2nd nuclear themed pitch. 2 out of 5 international showcases. #SunnySide
There’s a strong interest from Japanese broadcasters at #SunnySide in German doc ‘Atomic Africa’. “We didn’t know that subject until now”
MISSION RAPE (Sfinx Film / TV – Denmark)
Women who have been raped meet in an office in the suburbs of Sarajevo – the film’s fulcrum, from which their stories unfold. They have a common story. During the war in 92-95 in the Balkans 40.000–50.000 women were raped. Rape is very effective instrument in conquest of territory. We will perceive how mass rape has destroyed the women and their families for generations to come. The unsolved judicial dilemma blocks the process of reconciliation. During post-war court trials rape is dealt with as the least significant of war crime acts. As a result only very cases of war crimes of sexual violence have been prosecuted. The story unfolds with human tragedies, but also hope for a better future.
Heavy subject against at #SunnySide pitching sessions. Would you see a Danish documentary called 'Mission Rape'?
WE THE PEOPLE (Sprocket Science – India)
April 2010 UAE Courts sentenced 17Indians to death for murdering 1man. Pressured by Local media & Human Rights, a trial commences which highlights challenges faced by migrant workers in repressive environments, revealing the unseen face of human slavery in 2012 - this case can benchmark change
@SunnySideDoc bip: We The People, dramatic story, CEs are impressed with the access. Bravo Soniya!cuban hat project


The Cuban Hat Project has organized WANTED! an online contest for interactive and transmedia documentary projects. The top-5 finalists, selected with the help of online voters, will present their projects in public to an audience of buyers and potential partners, answering questions from all the experts from the industry present at the market and exchange feedback with fellow producers and creators.
Anyone can put whatever resources that might facilitate the winning project in those Cuban hats. Not only money. Great!
Cuban hat in the #agora, glass of whisky for the first person who would ask a question.SunnySide of the Doc
“Forget about crowdfunding, we have clownfunding now and a very dynamic way to make the projects appealing” #CubanHat
Our contribution to the #CubanHat - good luck to the 5 contestants.
‘The Upside down Tree’ is a French transmedia quest about Benin and a curse that is suppressing imagination
The Upside Down Tree / l'Arbre à l'Enversliso cassano
‘The upside down Tree’ is looking for producers. Project will be in french and english.
Budget for a webdoc like ‘The Upside Down Tree’ is estimated around 130.000€ for a 6 months running. (community manager’s salary included)
Video pitch Cuban HatBertrand Normand
‘A Cuban in the Land of the Soviets’ another transmedia project pitched at the #CubanHat contest in #SunnySide
NOSTALGIA (U.K. / Lebanon)
‘Nostalgia’ from Lebanese director and producer is an intriguing Beirut based transmedia experience cc/
Project Nostalgia - IntroductionFiras Khnaisser
“In Lebanon, if change do not come from the people, nothing is going to happen” @firaskhnaisser #Nostalgia #CubanHat
“Lebanon has one of the most important social media adoption rate. Everybody is on Facebook Even old people” Follow @firaskhnaisser for
Strong, social, noble, necessary: Justice for my sister Transmedia can help human rights. Support this project!
Justice for my Sister Transmedia Pitch for Wanted!Kimberly Bautista
GLORIA (Spain)
The project is called ‘Gloria’ and it’s a spanish initiative #CubanHat
Gloria Transmedia ProjectGloria
Again, a transmedia project about memory and historical archives. Technology definitely helps remembering the world where it didn’t
There’s a place for The X-Files in #SunnySide ‘Skywatchers investigation’ is about about unexplained lights phenomenon.
Skywatchers cross-media trailerSuvi Andrea Helminen


touscoprod has already enabled numerous projects to be completed. Crowdfunding enables you to involve your network (from close network to distant network) in the development and promotion of your film. Crowdfunding is more than just simple financing, and the contribution of each subscriber goes beyond questions of the budget alone. Making your project visible, recruiting other subscribers and gaining your audience before your film is released: this is the real involvement of your community. Almost 20 000 members have already subscribed more than €1 000 000 in 50 films, documentaries and tv series. Among the projects which have completed their financing through touscoprod since 1 January 2012 are: "Speedy Graphito”, “La Vie d’Artiste” which collected €17 162, “Une Révolution Africaine” (€15 605), “Le Sommeil d'Or” (€11 047) selected for the Berlin Festival, “Même pas mal” (€3 815)... 
RT @cineuropa: Tonelli Barbara from @touscoprod says documentaries are among the most successful #crowdfunding projects
…but some documentaries are also among the less successful projects for reasons linked to the technical nature of a crowdfunding
‘Speedy Graphito, la vie d’artiste’ gathered more than 17.000€. Perfect example of dynamic and social media driven crowdfunding
Je produis Speedy Graphito, la vie d'artisteUn artiste, pour beaucoup,c'est quelqu'un qui se la coule douce, qui travaille à son rythme, loin des contraintes d'une existence ordinai...


Jean-Marc Merriaux, managing director of the CNDP, is presenting two interactive 3D experiences: “Vivre à Berlin-Est au coeur de la guerre froide” (Living in East Berlin in the Heart of the Cold War) is virtual visit of a Berlin apartment giving a clearer understanding of the everyday life of inhabitants in former East Germany; and “Vivre en Normandie pendant la seconde guerre mondiale” (Living in Normandy during the Second World War) is a virtual visit of a town in Normandy under the German occupation where objects in houses and shops recount the everyday lives of people during the occupation.
“Vivre à Berlin-Est au cœur de la guerre froide” est 1 visite virtuelle d’un appartement & un beau projet pédagogique.
                      ----> PROJECT AVAILABLE HERE
Le projet “Vivre en Normandie…” est codé en #unity (Mobile friendly) et est accessible via le site du CRDP
                       ----> PROJECT AVAILABLE HERE


100 % documentary channels in China are now up and running: CCTV 9, BTV-HD Doc Channel, are the most recent, and there are older ones already operating, such as CCTV 10 (Science & Education), Shanghai Media Group Doc Channel, CETV3, Hunan TV, Liaoning TV… This new documentary landscape is clearly hungry for quality films, and is open to international films and co-productions. The recent signing of framework agreements between, for instance, CCTV 9 and France Télévisions / BBC WW / ITV… give a flavour of the openness and the development potential provided by this market. 
Forum : China Doc Revolution#1 : #Producers at 12 a.m in the #agora!SunnySide of the Doc
Forum:China Doc Revolution#2 : #Broadcasters at 4.30p.m in the #agora!Intervenants:Chen Ruby -Chen Dali - Chen Xiaoqing - Tian Hai.SunnySide of the Doc

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