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26 February 2021

Box Office – Slovakia

2020 was the year of the Scumbag at the Slovak box office

24 February 2021

Box Office – Serbia

Serbia has a local theatrical hit on its hands with The Only Way Out

17 February 2021

Box Office – Romania

Record breaker Miami Bici saves the Romanian domestic box office from total disaster

12 February 2021

Box Office – Czech Republic

Caught in the Net makes history in Czech cinemas and tops the pandemic-era box office

Box Office – Lithuania

The Lithuanian box office sees a drastic reduction in admissions in 2020

29 January 2021

Box Office – Italy

Italian productions drove the box office forward in 2020, winning a market share of 56.56%

27 January 2021

Box Office – Finland

In a difficult year for cinema, local films still put up a decent fight in Finland

Box Office – Norway

Norway’s 2020 box office records an historic 35.6% market share for domestic productions

26 January 2021

Box Office – Denmark

Against all odds, 2020 turned out to be a great year for Danish films

10 November 2020

Box Office – Finland

Finnish audiences support local productions as cinemas stay open

02 October 2020

Box Office – Denmark

Another Round is a hit at the Danish box office

17 July 2020

Box Office – France

2.77 million admissions registered in France since cinemas reopened

14 July 2020

Box Office – Czech Republic

Czech box office down by 55%

20 May 2020

Box Office – Czech Republic

Caught in the Net bounces back to the number-one spot at the Czech box office

06 April 2020

Box Office – Poland

365 Days heads to Netflix after titillating the Polish box office into submission

18 February 2020

Box Office – Europe

European cinemas register a record 1,34 billion visits in 2019

13 February 2020

Box Office – Slovakia

A record-breaking opening for Slovakian film Scumbag

12 February 2020

Box Office – Slovakia

Slovakian films surpass one million admissions in domestic theatres for the second time since 1993

29 January 2020

Box Office – Estonia

Estonian films verging on securing one-quarter of the local market

23 January 2020

Box Office – Czech Republic

Domestic feature Women on the Run crushes US imports at the Czech box office

16 January 2020

Box Office – Italy

Cinetel’s data reveals a rise in earnings and cinema admissions in Italy in 2019

10 January 2020

Box Office – France

213.27 million admissions in France in 2019

09 January 2020

Box Office – Ireland

A breathtaking 2019 for Irish cinemas

08 January 2020

Box Office – Romania

Domestic releases double in popularity in Romania

17 December 2019

Box Office – Latvia

Blizzard of Souls breaks Latvian box-office records

08 August 2019

Box Office – Slovakia

Half-time for Slovakian films at the domestic box-office

02 August 2019

Box Office – Slovakia

Loli Paradička ranks second at the Slovakian box office

11 July 2019

Box Office – Italy

SIAE data reveals a sharp contraction in the 2018 Italian film market

27 March 2019

Box office – Belgium

Pleasing results for Belgian films in 2018 despite a slight fall in attendance

21 March 2019

Box office – Estonia

Truth and Justice becomes Estonia’s most-watched movie

13 March 2019

Box office – Denmark

Checkered Ninja exceeds 900,000 admissions in Denmark

07 March 2019

Box office – UK

Indie documentary The Ponds becomes an unexpected hit

28 February 2019

Box office – Romania

Domestic releases enjoy impressive popularity in Romania

08 February 2019

Box office – Poland

Almost 60 million admissions taken at the Polish box office in 2018

07 February 2019

Box office – Slovakia

2018 turns out to be the second most successful year ever for Slovakian cinemas

06 February 2019

Box office – Slovakia

Peter Bebjak sets a new opening-weekend record in Slovakia with The Rift

05 February 2019

Box office – UK

BFI reports increase in UK 2018 box-office figures

Box Office – Czech Republic

Czech theatres celebrate their most successful year yet

Box office – Bulgaria

Annual box-office earnings decrease by 9% in Bulgaria in 2018

31 January 2019

Box office – Serbia

Local films back on top in Serbia

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