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26 October 2021

Oscars 2022

European titles submitted for the Oscars race

Thessaloniki 2021

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is coming home

Trieste Science+Fiction 2021

Aliens and deadly viruses head to Trieste to exorcise fears

25 October 2021

Festivals / Awards – Latvia

Andrius Blaževičius’ Runner wins the Riga International Film Festival

Ghent 2021 – Awards

Gaspar Noé wins the Grand Prix at the Ghent Film Festival with Vortex

Cottbus 2021

All aboard! FilmFestival Cottbus to open with Compartment No. 6

Valencia 2021 – Awards

The Mostra de València hands its Golden Palm to Bosnia’s So She Doesn’t Live

CinÉast 2021 – Awards

Murina wins the Grand Prix at CinÉast

Rome 2021 – Awards

Mediterraneo – The Law of the Sea triumphs at the 16th Rome Film Fest

Cinemed 2021 – Awards

Hive is crowned the winner in Montpellier

22 October 2021

Thessaloniki 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Thessaloniki pays tribute to Bulgarian filmmaker Binka Zhelyazkova

21 October 2021

Festivals / Awards – Poland

HER Docs Film Festival readies its second edition and wonders what would happen if women ruled the world

20 October 2021

Doclisboa 2021

Doclisboa returns to its original format, showcasing 249 films

Festivals / Awards – Germany

My Wonderful Wanda wins the main award at this year's Edimotion

Black Nights 2021 – Competition

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces its full 2021 Official Selection line-up

19 October 2021

Seminci 2021

The big names of world cinema head to the Seminci

Berlinale 2022

M Night Shyamalan to head the jury of the 72nd Berlinale

18 October 2021

Warsaw 2021 – Awards

Miracle wins the Warsaw Film Festival’s Grand Prix

Festival of Slovenian Film 2021 – Awards

Bitch, a Derogatory Term for a Woman comes out on top at the Festival of Slovenian Film

London 2021 – Awards

Playground and Hit the Road win big at BFI London

17 October 2021

Rome 2021/Photogallery

Rome 2021 - Photogalleries

15 October 2021

Festivals / Awards – Spain

Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary

14 October 2021

Cinemed 2021

Over 200 Mediterranean films set to be showcased in Montpellier

Valencia 2021

The Mostra de València plies the Mediterranean once again

Jihlava 2021

Ji.hlava celebrates its 25th anniversary with 300 films

13 October 2021

Black Nights 2021 – First Feature Competition

Tallinn announces its First Feature Competition line-up, including a heist musical and a psychedelic ego trip

Stockholm 2021

Stockholm gets physical for 2021 with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Jane Campion and a spotlight on motherhood

12 October 2021

Golden Apricot 2021 – Awards

The Golden Apricot Festival wraps its 18th edition with wins for Pebbles, Downstream to Kinshasa and Taming the Garden

Jihlava 2021

The Silver Eye Award has announced its nominations

FEST Espinho 2021 – Awards

La Civil and Last Knights of the Right Side win at FEST – New Directors, New Films

Jihlava 2021

Ji.hlava announces its retrospective programmes

Festivals / Awards – France

Axelle Ropert scoops the Jean Vigo Award

European Film Awards 2021

Six debut films nominated for the European Film Awards

Festivals / Awards – Germany

No One’s with the Calves, Vortex, Olga and Hive come out on top at Filmfest Hamburg

11 October 2021

Namur 2021 – Awards

The Fam triumphs at the Namur International French-Language Film Festival

Antalya 2021 – Awards

Ferit Karahan’s Brother’s Keeper wins at the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Reykjavik 2021 – Awards

Reykjavik's Golden Puffin flies to Jacqueline Lentzou for Moon, 66 Questions

08 October 2021

Arras 2021

The Arras Film Festival takes flight once again

Canneseries 2021

Season 4 of Canneseries gets under way

DOK Leipzig 2021

DOK Leipzig announces its International Competition line-up

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