Production / Funding

6427 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 02/04/2020. 391 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

02 April 2020

Production / Funding – Poland/Germany

Jonathan Glazer’s new project among the films supported by the Polish Film Institute

01 April 2020

Production / Funding – USA/Finland/UK

Netflix commissions new series Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Production / Funding – Netherlands

The Netherlands Film Fund invests €6.8 million in 15 new audiovisual productions

31 March 2020

Production / Funding – Serbia/Slovenia/Netherlands/Bosnia and Herzegovina/France

Ivan Ikić in post-production with The Users

25 March 2020

Production / Funding – Norway

The Norwegian Film Institute and Fritt Ord ready to offer extra funding amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Production / Funding – Italy

Gabriele Salvatores looks to collate people’s fears and emotions at the time of the pandemic

23 March 2020

Production / Funding – Luxembourg

Film Fund Luxembourg announces the recipients of its latest round of funding

Production / Funding – Switzerland

Simon Jaquemet in the starting blocks with Electric Child

20 March 2020

Production / Funding – Italy

The IDM Alto Adige Film Commission throws its weight behind 7 projects

16 March 2020

Production / Funding – Italy

Instant Corona: A collective film to tell the tale of Milan at the time of COVID-19

Production / Funding – Finland

Unfazed by the present, the Finnish Film Foundation awards €6.5 million in production support

13 March 2020

Production / Funding – Norway

Erik Skjoldbjærg filming epic war drama Narvik

Production / Funding – Croatia

Croatia funds new projects by Rajko Grlić, Radu Jude, Rusudan Glurjidze and Stevan Filipović

12 March 2020

Production / Funding – France

The CNC grants an advance on receipts to Robin Campillo’s École de l’air

Production / Funding – Austria

The Vienna Film Fund backs Marie Kreutzer’s Corsage and Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Melt

11 March 2020

Production / Funding – Spain/France

Igor Legarreta shooting his second feature, All the Moons

10 March 2020

Production / Funding – France

Shoot about to kick off for Mathieu Gérault’s Sentinelle Sud

Production / Funding – Lithuania

The Lithuanian Film Centre announces its first funding slate of 2020

09 March 2020

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

End of shooting in sight for En attendant Bojangles

06 March 2020

Production / Funding – Hungary

Isti Madarász shooting Half Way Home

Production / Funding – France

The first clapperboard is set to slam on Léa Mysius’s Les Cinq Diables

05 March 2020

Production / Funding – Estonia

Janno Jürgens about to present his feature debut, Rain

04 March 2020

Production / Funding – UK

John Michael McDonagh’s The Forgiven commences filming

03 March 2020

Production / Funding – France

Axelle Ropert shooting Petite Solange

27 February 2020

Cannes 2020

A scramble unfolds in the home stretch towards Cannes

18 February 2020

Production / Funding – Spain/USA/Italy

Woody Allen putting the finishing touches to Rifkin's Festival

Production – UK/Canada

Jane Campion announces The Power of the Dog, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst

Production / Funding – Estonia/Finland

Lauri Randla's comedy Goodbye Soviet Union set to hit cinemas

17 February 2020

Production / Funding – Greece/France

Araceli Lemos shooting her feature debut, Holy Emy

Production / Funding – Poland

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz enters post-production with Bo we mnie jest seks

Production / Funding – Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Luxembourg

Rodrigo Moreno’s The Delinquents to commence principal photography in March

13 February 2020

Production / Funding – Belgium

Wallimage leans towards small-screen projects for its 89th session

Production / Funding – Spain

Pedro Almodóvar set to finally shoot in English

Production / Funding – Germany/Netherlands/Sweden

Alexandra Schatz, Submarine and Slugger Film start production on animated feature Best Birthday Ever

12 February 2020

Production / Funding – Italy/Brazil

Gabriele Albanesi shooting Tarantino-style action feature A Bunch of Bastards

11 February 2020

Production / Funding – Belgium

The CCA backs the feature debuts by Eve Duchemin, Emmanuel Marre, Ivan Goldschmidt and Arnaud Demuynck

Production / Funding – Belgium/France

Adèle Exarchopoulos to play an air hostess in Emmanuel Marre’s feature debut, Carpe Diem

Production / Funding – Malta/USA

DCR Finance Corp to spend $500 million in Malta

Production / Funding – Lithuania

Romas Zabarauskas finalising post-production on The Lawyer

Production / Funding – Luxembourg

Fabrizio Maltese shooting Visage(s) d’Afrique