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07 May 2021

Production / Funding – Denmark

Barbara Rothenborg to direct the first Danish-language Netflix feature, Loving Adults

Production / Funding – France

Bruno Chiche’s La Scala enters into post-production

06 May 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

La casa entre los cactus is now filming in the Canary Islands

Production / Funding – France

Cécile de France is filming Héloïse Pelloquet’s La Passagère

Production / Funding – Germany

Dark creative duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar announce their new Netflix project, 1899

05 May 2021

Production / Funding – Luxembourg

Film Fund Luxembourg unveils the projects selected in its second annual committee

Production / Funding – Iceland

Silja Hauksdóttir’s crime series Sisterhood set to land at Viaplay

Production / Funding – France/Belgium/Iceland

Filming to commence in June on Dinara Drukarova’s Le Grand Marin

03 May 2021

Production / Funding – Germany

Shooting has begun on Die Känguru-Verschwörung, the second part of the kangaroo saga

Production / Funding – Denmark

Anders Refn set to start filming Into the Darkness - The Final Reckoning

Production / Funding – Austria/Germany

Nicolai Rohde begins filming on new Austrian-German series Totenfrau

Production / Funding – Canada/Greece

David Cronenberg decamps to Athens to commit some Crimes of the Future

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Virginie Efira and Tahar Rahim starring in Serge Bozon’s Don Juan

Production / Funding – France/US

Michel Hazanavicius is shooting comedy horror Final Cut

29 April 2021

Production / Funding – Germany/Austria/Luxembourg

15 Jahre, the sequel to Four Minutes, will soon see the light of day

Production / Funding – Czech Republic

Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák shoot their new film, Bethlehem Light

Production / Funding – Bulgaria

Orlin Milchev's feature debut The Art of Falling in post-production

Production / Funding – Bulgaria

Petya Yossifova in post-production with musical teen drama Jiri

Production / Funding – UK/Ireland

Florence Pugh joins Sebastián Lelio for Ireland-set psychological thriller The Wonder

Production / Funding – France/Germany/Luxembourg/Norway

Emily Atef in the midst of filming More Than Ever

28 April 2021

Production / Funding – Italy/Germany

The first clapperboard has slammed on Renzo Carbonera’s Takeaway

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

Czech filmmaker Jan Prušinovský readies Grand Prix, his biggest project to date

Production / Funding – Hungary

Sándor Csoma is shooting Heights and Depths

Production / Funding – Spain

Beatriz Bodegas joins Jesús Font for his first bite of the big screen

Production / Funding – France

A huge, top drawer cast to feature in Nicolas Bedos’ Mascarade

27 April 2021

Production / Funding – Romania

Vlad Păunescu shows how history shapes a man in his second feature, The Ladder

Production / Funding – France/Italy

The first Alpes/Alpi Film Lab selects eight feature film projects and eight producers

Production / Funding – France

Filming is imminent on Christine Dory’s La mort d'Albino Rodrigue

26 April 2021

Production / Funding – Finland

Maarit Lalli tells the story of Nokia's pioneers in her new series Mobile 1.0

Production / Funding – France

Chad Chenouga is shooting Le Principal, starring Roschdy Zem

23 April 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

Sixteen films in development are set to take part in CIIF Market 2021

Production / Funding – UK

UK launches £7m Global Screen Fund to help plug gap left by Brexit

Production / Funding – Sweden/Estonia

NENT Group commissions its first Estonian Viaplay original, Who Shot Otto Mueller?

Production / Funding – France

Filming imminent on Emmanuel Mouret’s Chronique d'une liaison passagère

22 April 2021

Production / Funding – Finland

In the upcoming series Helsinki Syndrome, it's time to love your captor

Production / Funding – Sweden

NENT Group orders ice hockey legend Börje Salming biopic series

Production / Funding – France

Mohamed Hamidi to wrap shooting on Citoyen d'honneur

Production / Funding – Hungary

End of filming in sight for Mátyás Szabó’s Wandering Leaves

21 April 2021

Production / Funding – UK

Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern to star in Florian Zeller’s The Son

Production / Funding – Spain

David Marqués is back behind the camera for El club del paro

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