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18 March 2019

Television – Italy

APA Report: Free and pay-TV market gaining ground in Italy

15 March 2019

Television – Spain

Isabel Coixet to shoot Foodie Love for HBO

13 March 2019

Television – UK

Mark O’Rowe’s TV drama Temple in post-production

01 March 2019


TV series review: The Name of the Rose

28 February 2019


TV series review: Thanksgiving

26 February 2019

Television – Italy/France

TV series Madama Reale wins the Torino Piemonte FC and FIP competition

25 February 2019

Television – Slovakia

Inspector Max does North America

11 January 2019

Television – Germany/France

New series by Guillaume Nicloux backed by the German-French Funding Committee

14 December 2018

Television – Belgium

Series Lab Brussels: What’s new in Belgium?

07 December 2018

Television – UK

Gareth Evans’ first TV series, Gangs of London, currently filming

06 December 2018

Television – Germany/US

Shooting commences on new Netflix series Skylines

05 December 2018

Television – Ireland/UK

Irish-British thriller series Dublin Murders in production

14 November 2018

Festivals – Belgium

Are You Series? delves to the heart of European TV series

Television – Romania/Germany

TV series review: Hackerville

06 November 2018

Television – Europe

MIDPOINT announces TV Launch 2019 selection and tutors

22 October 2018

Rome 2018

TV series review: The Little Drummer Girl

17 October 2018

Television – Estonia/US

Estonian TV series Pank picked up for American release

05 October 2018

Television – Europe

Walter Presents gives European drama series a home

03 September 2018

Venice 2018 – Out of competition

TV series review: My Brilliant Friend

29 August 2018

Television – Sweden/Poland/Finland/Lithuania

Mikael Håfström preparing new TV series The Conductor

17 August 2018

Television – Italy

Sergio Bonelli Editore SpA founds Bonelli Entertainment with a TV series about Dylan Dog

30 July 2018

Television – Czech Republic

HBO Europe readies another original miniseries in the Czech Republic

13 July 2018

Série Series 2018

TV series review: A Very English Scandal

03 July 2018

Television – Italy

RACCONTI #7, Script Lab for TV and web series

Television – France/Germany

Dominik Moll shooting the series Eden

22 June 2018

Television – Germany

TV series Perfume set to intoxicate audiences

14 June 2018

Série Series 2018

Stephen Frears to open the 7th Série Series

07 June 2018

Television – US/UK

HBO/Sky series Chernobyl now shooting in Lithuania

Television – UK/US

Park Chan-wook’s The Little Drummer Girl wraps shooting in Greece

22 May 2018

Television – Germany

Germany doubles its support for series

09 May 2018

Television – Czech Republic

Promising European TV series make progress at MIDPOINT TV Launch

07 May 2018

Séries Mania 2018

Françoise Nyssen discusses series and protecting creation at the Lille Transatlantic Dialogues

Séries Mania 2018

Netflix's Reed Hastings speaks at the Lille Transatlantic Dialogues

Séries Mania 2018

Lille Transatlantic Dialogues: A new international forum for series professionals

Séries Mania 2018

The winners of the ninth Séries Mania announced

04 May 2018

Séries Mania 2018

The Séries Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions choose their winner

27 April 2018

Television – Europe

Europe produces over 11,000 hours of home-grown TV fiction per year

Television – Europe

European TV series episodes make up 24% of all episodes on pay per view VOD in Europe

23 April 2018

Television – Norway

Jens Lien’s sci-fi series Beforeigners gets funded by NFI

17 April 2018

Television – Germany

Season 3 of Split Homicide currently shooting