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7360 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 22/10/2021. 577 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

29 June 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

Abril Zamora in post-production with Todo lo otro

Production / Funding – Sweden

HBO Max greenlights new Swedish comedy series Lust

Production / Funding – North Macedonia/UK/Denmark/Netherlands/Croatia/Bulgaria

Milcho Manchevski starts filming Kaymak

Production / Funding – Europe

Eurimages supports 49 co-productions

24 June 2021

Production / Funding – Latvia

Historical series Emily. Queen of Press wraps filming in Latvia

Production / Funding – Germany/Austria

Adrian Goiginger’s The Fox in post-production

23 June 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández-Armero shooting Sentimos las molestias

Production / Funding – Croatia/Serbia

Miki Manojlović and Goran Bogdan finish filming The Uncle

Production / Funding – Austria

Andreas Schmied’s Chasing the Line in post-production

22 June 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

Chiqui Carabante is back with La fortaleza

Production / Funding – Romania

Octavian Strunilă in late post-production with the Romanian remake of Perfect Strangers

Production / Funding – Italy

Shooting is under way on Domenico Croce’s first work, Vetro

21 June 2021

Production / Funding – Germany

Shooting for the thriller series The Swarm by showrunner Frank Doelger starts in Italy

Production / Funding – Netherlands/Denmark/Germany/France

Richard Claus and Karsten Kiilerich's Panda Bear in Africa in the works

Production / Funding – Denmark

Lone Scherfig gets ready to shine some “Nordic Light” with The Shift

Production / Funding – Spain/France

Carlota Pereda’s Piggy to be turned into a feature

18 June 2021

Production / Funding – Lebanon/Greece/Sweden

Filming on Abbe Hassan's feature debut Exodus underway in Greece

Production / Funding – Norway

Tommy Wirkola working on animated musical Spermageddon

Production / Funding – Belgium to lend support to Delphine Lehericey’s new film

17 June 2021

Production / Funding – Netherlands

Netflix commissions a new Dutch original series, Dirty Lines

Production / Funding – Ireland

Let the Wrong One In ready for release

Production / Funding – UK/Sweden

Per-Olav Sørensen now filming new Netflix drama series about Spotify

Production / Funding – Croatia/Slovenia/Brazil/USA

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s Murina is set to premiere at Cannes’ Director’s Fortnight

16 June 2021

Production / Funding – Finland

Be afraid, be very afraid, as The Twin moves into post-production

Production / Funding – Sweden/USA/Costa Rica/Belgium/Germany

Nathalie Álvarez Mesén’s feature debut, Clara Sola, ready for the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight

Production / Funding – Estonia/France

Triin Ruumet preparing Dark Paradise

14 June 2021

Production / Funding – Netherlands

The IDFA Bertha Fund supports six new documentaries

Production / Funding – Italy/Kuwait/Iraq

Haider Rashid’s Europa to travel to the Directors’ Fortnight

11 June 2021

Production / Funding – Netherlands

Sander Burger’s crime-drama The Judgement picked up by Picture Tree International

Production / Funding – Belgium/France

Des gens bien starts shooting

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia/France/Switzerland

I, Olga Hepnarova team shooting follow-up project Nobody Likes Me

Production / Funding – Italy

Futura by Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi and Alice Rohrwacher is singled out for the Directors’ Fortnight

Production / Funding – Spain

New Spanish Netflix original series Intimacy in the works

Production / Funding – Germany

Katharina Woll’s tragicomedy Alle wollen geliebt werden now filming in Berlin

10 June 2021

Production / Funding – France

Wild West selects Le domaine by Giovanni Aloi

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia/France/Slovenia

EXCLUSIVE: Stop-motion feature Of Unwanted Things and People secures French funding and support from Czech Television

09 June 2021

Production / Funding – Italy/France/Slovenia

Laura Samani’s stark fairy tale Small Body is selected for Cannes

Production / Funding – France/Czech Republic/Germany

The first-ever feature-length animation film painted on glass The Crossing to compete at Annecy

Production / Funding – Sweden

Film collective Crazy Pictures developing new sci-fi adventure flick UFO Sweden

Production / Funding – Ireland/UK/USA

Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir Part II ready for the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight

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