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6654 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 03/07/2020. 410 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

29 May 2020

Production / Funding – Sweden

Sweden’s Baker and Alexander Karim shooting pandemic flick Me/We

Production / Funding – France

The CNC grants an advance on receipts to Pierre Salvadori’s La Petite Bande

28 May 2020

Production / Funding – France

Pictanovo lends support to Tom by Fabienne Berthaud

Production / Funding – Spain

Lucas Figueroa finishes shooting Renaceres a 8K in the midst of the pandemic

27 May 2020

Production / Funding – France

First clapperboard set to slam on 7 July for Matthieu Rozé’s Azuro

26 May 2020

Production / Funding – Netherlands

Two new Dutch features backed by Telescoop

Production / Funding – Slovakia/Czech Republic

Slovak filmmaker Juraj Jakubisko finishing special effects on the sequel to The Feather Fairy

Production / Funding – France/Belgium/Algeria

Post-production resumes on Honey Cigar

Production / Funding – Netherlands/USA

Shady El-Hamus working on a new crime-comedy

25 May 2020

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

Václav Kadrnka finishes shooting Saving One Who Was Dead

21 May 2020

Production / Funding – Latvia

The Riga Film Fund announces a co-financing competition to promote filming in Latvia

20 May 2020

Production / Funding – Norway

The Nordisk Film & TV Fond announces the recipients of its April round of funding

Production / Funding – Iceland/UK/France

Iceland’s Black Port starts filming

Production / Funding – Greece

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation unveils its first funding slate of 2020

19 May 2020

Production / Funding – Slovenia

Darko Sinko finishing editing on Inventory

18 May 2020

Production / Funding – Belgium

An eclectic first session of 2020 for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Centre

Production / Funding – Spain

Nine directors sign their own personal cinematic postcards in Postales filmadas

14 May 2020

Production / Funding – Spain

Hernán Zin wraps the shoot for Madrid resiste

13 May 2020

Production / Funding – Hungary

First clapperboard to slam on Erasing Frank in July

Production / Funding – Italy

The Lying Life of Adults becomes a TV series

Production / Funding – Sweden

Josephine Bornebusch’s social-distancing drama Orca in production

12 May 2020

Production / Funding – Finland

In Still Into You, love has no age limit

Production / Funding – Spain

Juan Cavestany portrays emotional confinement in Madrid, interior

Production / Funding – Sweden

Jonas Åkerlund to direct the TV series Clark

07 May 2020

Production / Funding – Denmark/Sweden

Kasper Møller Jensen prepping the TV series Nordland ’99

05 May 2020

Production / Funding – Italy

Daniele Vicari shooting his first “smart film”, Il giorno e la notte

Production / Funding – Norway

The Norwegian Film Institute backs seven new productions

04 May 2020

Production / Funding – Sweden/USA

Red Dot to be the first Swedish Netflix film

29 April 2020

Production / Funding – Germany

Picture Tree International picks up André Erkau’s God You’re Such a Prick

Production / Funding – UK/USA

Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels to be adapted for television

28 April 2020

Production / Funding – Romania/Belgium/France

Anca Damian’s The Island to be finished before the end of the year

Production / Funding – France

Benoît Chieux readies Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds for production

Production / Funding – Serbia

Head Gear Films and Balkanic Media set up $25 million credit facility for productions in Serbia

Production / Funding – Poland

Jerzy Skolimowski’s new film among ten projects supported by the Polish Film Institute

27 April 2020

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Sentinelle by Julien Leclercq chomps at the bit in post-production

22 April 2020

Production / Funding – Finland

New Finnish release proves that it’s not always sunny in Eden

Production / Funding – Slovakia/Czech Republic/Ukraine

Censor by Peter Kerekes nearing completion

20 April 2020

Production / Funding – Turkey/Germany

Nazlı Elif Durlu in post-production with her feature debut, Zuhal

16 April 2020

Production / Funding – Finland

Potato Venture promises to make root vegetables great again

Production / Funding – France

Arte France Cinéma supports Ursula Meier’s La Ligne

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