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29 January 2019

Production – France/Colombia

Franco Lolli's Litigante enters post-production

Funding – Belgium

Lucas Belvaux and Rachel Lang supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Centre

28 January 2019

Production – Poland

Jan Komasa returns with The Hater

23 January 2019

Production – Italy/Sweden

Adele Tulli explores gender roles in Normal

Production – Italy

Michela Occhipinti travels to Mauritania in her debut feature, Flesh Out

Funding – Germany

Nordmedia hands out €3 million in grants

21 January 2019

Production – Spain/Portugal

Benito Zambrano putting the finishing touches to the thriller Out in the Open

Production – France

Michel Blanc and Hakim Jemili filming A Good Doctor

Production – France

Rebecca Zlotowski engrossed in An Easy Girl

17 January 2019

Production – France/Belgium

Jérémie Renier and Noée Abita to star in Slalom

16 January 2019

Production – Italy

Marco Danieli’s Forever You brings Lucio Battisti's hit songs to the big screen

15 January 2019

Production – France

Emmanuelle Béart toplining L’Étreinte

Funding – Spain

2018 sees Spain’s ICAA grant support to 84 films

Production – Greece

Costas Zapas all set to shoot ΦRANKENSTEIN (Love Me Back to Life)

Production – UK/Ireland

Nick Rowland in post-production with his first feature, Calm With Horses

14 January 2019

Production – Lithuania/Ireland

Lithuanian-Irish drama The Castle in post-production

Production – Lithuania/Czech Republic/France/Serbia/Portugal/Latvia

Filming under way on Šarūnas Bartas' In the Dusk

11 January 2019

Production – Spain/Germany

Fernando González Molina wraps The Baztán Trilogy

Production – France

Michel Leclerc delves into Pingouin et Goéland et leurs 300 petits

Production – Italy

Filming on Claudio Giovannesi's Piranhas wraps ahead of its participation in Berlin

Television – Germany/France

New series by Guillaume Nicloux backed by the German-French Funding Committee

10 January 2019

Production – France

Golshifteh Farahani plays a psychoanalyst in Arab Blues

09 January 2019

Production – Austria/UK/Germany

Jessica Hausner’s Little Joe in post-production

08 January 2019

Production – Italy/Belgium/France

Filming imminent on Marco Bonfanti's The Man Without Gravity

Production – Germany

Michael "Bully" Herbig preparing a new film

Production – Slovakia/Czech Republic/Poland/Germany

A new drama about Auschwitz is being filmed in Slovakia

Production – France/Germany

Dominik Moll shooting Seules les bêtes

Funding – Netherlands

Netherlands Film Fund supports seven projects with a total of €2.8 million

07 January 2019

Funding – Germany

A Leonard Cohen biopic and a Charlie’s Angels reboot receive German funding

Funding – Belgium

Ben Stassen, Nabil Ben Yadir and Christophe Hermans to receive funding from Wallimage

Funding – France

Mathieu Amalric's Serre moi fort receives an advance on earnings from the CNC

04 January 2019

Production – France/Belgium

Benoît Magimel stars in Samuel Doux’s Dune Dreams

03 January 2019

Production – Italy/France

Filming commences on Ginevra Elkann's Magari

02 January 2019

Production – France

Filming commences on Frédéric Farrucci’s Night Ride

31 December 2018

Production – Germany/Switzerland

A 2019 Christmas release for When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Production – Italy

A mano disarmata enters post-production

28 December 2018

Production – France

Cédric Klapisch’s Someone, Somewhere enters post-production

26 December 2018

Production – Germany

Rate Your Date will swipe right in June

Production – France/Belgium

Filming nears an end on Mama Weed

24 December 2018

Production – Germany

Edward Berger returns to cinema with Siblings

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