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20 January 2022

Production / Funding – Italy

Una femmina – The Code of Silence lands in Berlin

Production / Funding – Montenegro/Croatia/Albania/Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Senad Šahmanović shooting Sirin with Danica Ćurčić and Jasna Đuričić

Production / Funding – Italy

Leonora Addio is the new film by Paolo Taviani

Industry / Market – Europe

The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes a new report on media ownership in Europe

Trieste 2022 – WEMW

First Cut+ announces the participants in its winter 2022 session

Production / Funding – Latvia/Lithuania

Signe Birkova’s first fiction feature, Lotus, now in production

FIFDH 2022 – FIFDH Industry

FIFDH Impact Days organise a webinar on impact filmmaking for human rights

Berlinale 2022 – EFM

The eighth Berlinale Co-Pro Series announces its selection

Production / Funding – Czech Republic

The most bizarre Czech crime case ever gets the episodic treatment in The Attachment Theory

Industry / Market – UK

The BBC’s licence fee set to be frozen at £159 for two years and to be phased out by 2027

19 January 2022

Industry / Market – Italy

TFL and the Trentino Film Commission launch the Green Film Lab

Production / Funding – Hungary

Shooting has wrapped on Ádam Toser’s Blockade

Production / Funding – Spain/USA

Prime Video invests in Spanish fiction

Production / Funding – France

Céline Sallette is toplining L’histoire de Karine

Production / Funding – Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Film Center supports 49 projects

Industry / Market – Finland

Audiovisual Producers Finland announces the first production outfits selected for the pilot phase of albert International’s eco toolkit

Production / Funding – USA/Sweden

Marc Forster to direct Tom Hanks in US adaptation of best-selling Swedish novel A Man Called Ove

Berlinale 2022

The Berlinale announces its competition titles: “Never before have we welcomed so many love stories”

Berlinale 2022 – EFM

The Berlinale Series Market unveils its selection

Watch on Cineuropa

Watch on Cineuropa: Seven great European indie movies set around winter time

18 January 2022

Berlinale 2022 – Panorama

The Berlinale announces its full Panorama line-up

Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic/Slovakia

SCANDI - Nordic Film Lesson takes the best Scandinavian cinema to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Production / Funding – Spain

Los renglones torcidos de Dios nears the end of post-production

Films / Reviews – Belgium

Review: Empire of Silence

Production / Funding – Spain/France/Chile/UK

Lone Scherfig’s new feature The Movie Teller to commence filming on 21 March

Berlinale 2022 – Forum

The Berlinale announces its Forum titles, praising the inventiveness of the filmmakers

Films / Reviews – France

Review: The Crusade

Festivals / Awards – France

Happening triumphs at the Lumière Awards

17 January 2022

Distribution / Releases / Exhibitors – Sweden/Denmark/Finland/Norway/USA

HBO enjoys major growth in the Nordics and adds over 635,000 subscribing households following Max launch

Trieste 2021

The Trieste Film Festival returns in hybrid form

Industry / Market – UK/Germany

MUBI acquires The Match Factory

Production / Funding – France

Virginie Efira now filming Rodéo

Production / Funding – France

Anaïs Tellenne’s Du grand feu ne restent que les braises is granted a CNC advance on receipts

Berlinale 2022 – Generation

The Berlinale announces a raft of new titles for its Generation and Series strands

14 January 2022

Berlinale 2022 – EFM

The Berlinale Co-Production Market announces its selection for 2022

San Sebastián 2022 – San Sebastián Industry

Six projects selected for the eighth Ikusmira Berriak programme

Production / Funding – France

Three comedies win support from the CNC’s genre film fund

Festivals / Awards – France

FIPADOC to return to Biarritz this month

Production / Funding – Netherlands

The Netherlands Film Fund invests €7.9 million in 19 new productions

13 January 2022

Festivals / Awards – France

MyFrenchFilmFestival gets ready to go

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