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09 April 2021


The European film industry strives to find its way through the new waves of the coronavirus

Production / Funding – Italy

Italy's Ministry of Culture sets aside 5 million euros for minority co-productions

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

First clapperboard about to slam for Asterix & Obelix, the Middle Kingdom

Festivals / Awards – Spain

The Las Palmas International Film Festival turns 20 (in hybrid form)

Production / Funding – Germany

The German COVID-19 relief fund for filmmaking increases to a total of €100 million


MIDPOINT announces TV Launch 2021 selection

Production / Funding – Italy

Filming begins on Massimo Donati’s Diario di spezie

08 April 2021

Cartoon Movie 2021/Sofia 2021/Sofia Meetings

Europa Distribution’s workshops are back at Cartoon Movie and Sofia Meetings

Institutions / Legislation – Italy

Goodbye censorship, now is the age of “auto-classification”

CPH:DOX 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Trailer for the CPH:DOX title The Other Side of the River

Cyprus Film Days 2021

Cyprus Film Days returns to the big screen

Production / Funding – Spain

Ángeles Reiné filming Héroes de barrio in Seville

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Laure Calamy and Zita Hanrot star in Blandine Lenoir’s Annie Colère

Industry / Market – Norway

The Norwegian Film Institute sets aside up to 20 million Norwegian crowns for a new production guarantee

Production / Funding – Finland/Bulgaria

Tonislav Hristov shoots his fiction debut, The Good Driver

07 April 2021

Production / Funding – Bulgaria

Ivaylo Penchev in post-production with the ensemble tragicomedy Uncle Christmas

Production / Funding – Spain

Santi Amodeo wraps the shoot for @Las_Gentiles

Visions du Réel 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Trailer for Visions du Réel title Les Enfants Terribles

Febiofest Bratislava 2021 – Febiofest Industry Days

REPORT: Work in Progress @ Febiofest Bratislava Industry Days 2021

IDFA 2021

IDFA unveils its future programme structure, with two central competitions and new awards

Production / Funding – Italy/Argentina/France

Shellac bets on The Tale of King Crab

Production / Funding – France

Léonor Serraille films Un petit frère

06 April 2021

Production / Funding – Slovakia

Lucia Kašová explores “the relationship between selfishness and freedom” on a Caribbean island in The Sailor

The Co-production Podcast

The Co-production Podcast - Episode 02

Films / Reviews – Iceland

Review: Backyard Village

Industry / Market – Spain

Spain’s ICAA to hand out €12 million in selective support for 2021

Institutions / Legislation – Europe/UK

The EC withdraws its 2019 decision making commitments on Disney, Warner Bros, Sky UK and other global streamers binding

Production / Funding – Italy

Pantafa by Emanuele Scaringi completes filming

Docudays 2021 – Awards

Taming the Garden and Ivan's Land win big at Docudays UA

Industry / Market – Greece

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops extends 2021 call for applications to 10 April

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/USA

Netflix’s most expensive production to date, The Gray Man, shooting in the Czech Republic

Festivals / Awards – France/Spain

Nantes crowns Baby and Armugan as its champions

02 April 2021

Istanbul 2021 – Meetings on the Bridge

Meetings on the Bridge is “creating strong female characters”

Production / Funding – Latvia

Juris Poškus's new feature 24 Hr Sunshine in post

Films / Reviews – France

Review: Madame Claude

01 April 2021

The Co-production Podcast

The Co-production Podcast - Episode 00

Industry / Market – Italy

The Association of Italian Film Festivals' research confirms the future of festivals is hybrid

LUX Audience Award 2021

The LUX Film Days are back in 2021

Distribution / Releases / Exhibitors – France

The CNC divulges cinema distribution costs in relation to French films

Festivals / Awards – UK

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival announces its full programme

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