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Lucia Milazzotto  • Director, MIA

“The MIA is more of a concept store than a Walmart”

Lucia Milazzotto • Director, MIA

Lucia Milazzotto, the director of the MIA, talks to us about her approach and the changing needs of the film industry  

24/10/2018 | Rome 2018 | Market

Guillaume de Seille • Producer

"Strong emerging writers, original style and brave projects"

Guillaume de Seille • Producer

We met up with the French producer Guillaume de Seille to talk about M. Siam's Carnaval (Sang et Miel) project at the Cinemed Meetings  

24/10/2018 | Cinemed 2018 | Industry

David Thion • Producer

"A remake of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul by Fassbinder"

David Thion • Producer

The French producer David Thion talks about Danielle Arbid's Suzanne & Osmane and the latest news from Les Films Pelléas at the Cinemed Meetings  

24/10/2018 | Cinemed 2018 | Industry

Sandra da Fonseca • Producer

"Young Italian filmmakers are a rare find"

Sandra da Fonseca • Producer

We met up with the French producer Sandra da Fonseca at the Cinemed Meetings to talk about the project Domina Maris by the Italian director Silvia Perra  

23/10/2018 | Cinemed 2018 | Industry

Carlos Vermut • Director

"I feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable things"

Carlos Vermut • Director

Carlos Vermut talks about his third feature, Quién te cantará, a French-Spanish co-production starring the charming Najwa Nimri and Eva Llorach  


Tereza Swadoschová  • Head of the Inspiration Forum, Ji.hlava IDFF

“Our audience is our muse”

Tereza Swadoschová • Head of the Inspiration Forum, Ji.hlava IDFF

We sat down with Tereza Swadoschová, head of the Inspiration Forum at the Ji.hlava IDFF, to talk about this growing and increasingly important section of...  

22/10/2018 | Jihlava 2018

Christophe Leparc • Director, Cinemed

"The Mediterranean has become an important place for auteur cinema"

Christophe Leparc • Director, Cinemed

We met up with Christophe Leparc, director of Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (40th edition running from 19 to 27 October)  

19/10/2018 | Cinemed 2018

Jota Linares  • Director

“Everything is at stake in a close-up”

Jota Linares • Director

With the support of Beatriz Bodegas, Jota Linares has made his feature debut with Unbridled, a film starring Natalia de Molina, Ignacio Mateos and Daniel Grao  


Dumitru Budrala  • Founding director, Astra Film Festival

"We have retained the same mission since the very first edition – that of curators of reality"

Dumitru Budrala • Founding director, Astra Film Festival

With 25 editions of Romania's biggest documentary film festival under his belt, Astra's founding director, Dumitru Budrala, talks about the event's...  

17/10/2018 | Astra 2018

Paul Pauwels  • Director, European Documentary Network

"The voice of documentary professionals must also be heard in Brussels"

Paul Pauwels • Director, European Documentary Network

European Documentary Network director Paul Pauwels talks to us about EDN's recent meetings with EU policy makers to secure funding for the documentary...  


Luzie Loose  • Director

“That time in my life when I was 15 or 16 was very intense”

Luzie Loose • Director

We spoke to director Luzie Loose at Busan about her debut film, Swimming, which tells the story of two 15-year-olds whose burgeoning friendship encounters...  

11/10/2018 | Busan 2018

Fred Cavayé • Director

“I had to find my own truth when adapting this Italian box office success"

Fred Cavayé • Director

We met up with Fred Cavayé on the occasion of the screening of his fifth feature film, Nothing to Hide, in which he offers his own personal reinterpretation...  

09/10/2018 | Namur 2018

Wojciech Smarzowski  • Director

Clergy is like a constant dripping of water that wears away a stone”

Wojciech Smarzowski • Director

Cineuropa chatted to Wojciech Smarzowski, the director of Clergy, which has just enjoyed a record-breaking opening in Polish cinemas  


Mick Hannigan  • Festival co-director, IndieCork

“We have shown that we have a place within the ecosystem of the Irish film community”

Mick Hannigan • Festival co-director, IndieCork

We had a chat about the upcoming edition of the IndieCork Festival with Mick Hannigan, its co-director  

05/10/2018 | IndieCork 2018

Julian Schnabel  • Director

“I never wanted to get on the van Gogh boat”

Julian Schnabel • Director

Cineuropa talked to artist-director Julian Schnabel, the man behind At Eternity’s Gate, his latest film that centres on the twilight years of Vincent van Gogh  

05/10/2018 | Zurich 2018