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Stef Lernous • Director of Hotel Poseidon

“If I had to describe Hotel Poseidon, I’d say it’s a dreamlike film”

Stef Lernous • Director of Hotel Poseidon

In his debut feature film, the Belgian director delivers a hallucinogenic film experience contemplating...  

16/04/2021 | BIFFF 2021

Les Journées DIRE

Les Arcs 2010

Les Journées DIRE

In this video, the independent distributors and cinema owners speak on the meaning and importance of the...  

Jalil Lespert  • Director

Yves Saint Laurent: beyond the legend

Jalil Lespert • Director

Following its box-office success in France, Jalil Lespert’s Yves Saint Laurent is being presented at the...  


Rea Lest • Actress

"I would love to do as many different projects as possible"

Rea Lest • Actress

BERLIN 2019: Estonian actress Rea Lest, one of the 2019 Shooting Stars, talks to us about her work experience  

15/02/2019 | Shooting Stars 2019

James Lester • Director


James Lester • Director

VENICE 2017: US director James Lester talks about his first documentary film Getting Naked: A Burlesque...  


Jørgen Leth  • Director of I Walk

“This whole story was an extension of my personal process”

Jørgen Leth • Director of I Walk

We chatted to experimental filmmaker and poet Jørgen Leth about his highly personal, IDFA-screened...  

29/11/2019 | IDFA 2019

Francesco Lettieri  • Director of Lovely Boy

"Trap music was a good starting point to portray all the absurdity, contradictions and nihilism of these modern times"

Francesco Lettieri • Director of Lovely Boy

VENICE 2021: The sophomore film by the Italian director tells of the dizzying rise and fall of a young...  

16/09/2021 | Venice 2021 | Giornate degli Autori

Pamela Leu  • Founder and CEO, Be For Films

“I’m always happy for the movies to be shown in the most remote, craziest, and most difficult and different parts of the world”

Pamela Leu • Founder and CEO, Be For Films

We chatted to Pamela Leu, the founder of Be For Films, an independent film sales agent in Belgium  

20/05/2019 | Euro Film Fest

Carolina Levi • Producer

“The old distribution models have to be reviewed”

Carolina Levi • Producer

An interview with Italian producer Carolina Levi of Tangram Film, one of the participants of Jihlava's...  

06/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Hagai Levi • Screenwriter/producer/director


Hagai Levi • Screenwriter/producer/director

VENICE 2017: We talked to Israel's Hagai Levi, the man behind successful series such as In Treatment and...  


Joëlle Levie • OLFFI

Joëlle Levie • OLFFI

Four months after the launch of the OLFFI platform, its founder, Joëlle Levie, takes stock of the latest...  


Joëlle Levie • president of Online Film Financing

"Creating a space for centralised information on funding"

Joëlle Levie • president of Online Film Financing

The OLFFI platform, which has just been launched, gathers information on funding opportunities in Europe  


Kristian Levring  • Director

"One of the good things about the Danish film industry is that directors look out for one another"

Kristian Levring • Director

After premiering it at Cannes, Danish filmmaker Kristian Levring presented The Salvation at the London...  


Grzegorz Lewandowski • Director


Grzegorz Lewandowski • Director


Micha Lewinsky  • Director

Will you marry us?

Micha Lewinsky • Director


Katia Lewkowicz • Director


Katia Lewkowicz • Director

Bachelor Days Are Over opened the Brussels Film Festival 2011 at a screening attended director Katia...  

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