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Visar Morina  • Director of Exile

“I wanted to show the feeling of being imprisoned in one's own point of view”

Visar Morina • Director of Exile

We spoke to German director Visar Morina on the occasion of the world premiere of his feature Exile at the...  

03/02/2020 | Sundance 2020 | World Cinema Dramatic Competition

Vincent Morisset • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Vincent Morisset • Director

Vincent Morisset directed Inni, Sigur Rós' second live film following the celebrated Heima. The film is...  

Carol Morley  • Director

"Every time I make a film, I want it to be like the first time"

Carol Morley • Director

Ahead of The Falling's UK release, Cineuropa caught up with Carol Morley to get a sense of what makes her...  


Viggo Mortensen  • Actor (Interview)


Viggo Mortensen • Actor (Interview)

US actor Viggo Mortensen talks about his work in The Two Faces of January, by Hossein Amini  

Sudabeh Mortezai  • Director


Sudabeh Mortezai • Director

Cineuropa met up with Sudabeh Mortezai, the director of Macondo, unveiled in competition at the Berlinale...  


Sudabeh Mortezai • Director of Joy

"It was very shocking to me that there were women exploiting other women"

Sudabeh Mortezai • Director of Joy

VENICE 2018: We have met up with director Sudabeh Mortezai, who has presented her second feature, Joy  

04/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Giornate degli Autori

Jesper Morthorst • Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen

Producers on the Move 2011 – Denmark

Jesper Morthorst • Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen

A graduate of Copenhagen’s University, Jesper Morthorst produced Birgitte Stærmose’s Room 304, whose...  


Koen Mortier  • Director

Angel is about love and death, hope and despair”

Koen Mortier • Director

TORONTO 2018: We chatted to Flemish filmmaker Koen Mortier, who returns to Toronto with his third feature,...  

14/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Contemporary World Cinema

Fabrizio Mosca • Producer

Producer on the Move 2006 - Italy

Fabrizio Mosca • Producer


Fabrizio Mosca • Producer

"Competing on the international level"

Fabrizio Mosca • Producer

As the head of Titti Film, Fabrizio Mosca do not hesitate to take on European adventures  


Crystal Moselle • Director


Crystal Moselle • Director

VENICE 2016: US director Crystal Moselle is presenting her short film That One Day in the Venice Days, as...  


Jane Mote  • Consultant Editor, The Whickers

"It remains clear that in 2020 documentary filmmakers are not able to make a healthy living from their work"

Jane Mote • Consultant Editor, The Whickers

Jane Mote helps us to grasp the changing landscape for documentary filmmakers, with an eye on the...  


Kacey Mottet Klein • Switzerland

Shooting Stars 2016

Kacey Mottet Klein • Switzerland

At 16, Kacey Mottet Klein decided to concentrate on his acting career and has since played leads for films...  


Leonardo Mouramateus  • Director of Antonio One Two Three

“I don’t even remember what image I had of my films before making them”

Leonardo Mouramateus • Director of Antonio One Two Three

Two years after its first screening, in Rotterdam, Leonardo Mouramateus’ Antonio One Two Three premieres...  


Emmanuel Mouret • Director

"Virtue becomes entangled with vice"

Emmanuel Mouret • Director

TORONTO 2018: Emmanuel Mouret discusses the origins of his first costume drama, the very successful...  

10/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Platform

Emmanuel Mouret • Director of Love Affairs(s)

"This film is an ode to our inconstancy"

Emmanuel Mouret • Director of Love Affairs(s)

French filmmaker Emmanuel Mouret decodes Love Affairs(s) , a work awarded the Cannes 2020 Official...  

15/09/2020 | /France

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