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Eloy Enciso  • Director of Endless Night

“Cinema is a vehicle for exploration as well as storytelling”

Eloy Enciso • Director of Endless Night

Galician director Eloy Enciso, competing at the Locarno International Film Festival with his second...  

14/08/2019 | Locarno 2019 | Competition

Eloy Enciso  • Programme director, IBAFF

“It's been a good year for international arthouse movies”

Eloy Enciso • Programme director, IBAFF

Cineuropa spoke to Eloy Enciso, programme director of the IBAFF 2015, about this year's gathering  


Véronique Encrenaz  • Head of MIFA

“There is a big audience for children animation films but concerning adult animation films, it is more difficult because audiences are not used to it yet”

Véronique Encrenaz • Head of MIFA

Véronique Encrenaz explains MIFA’s different markets and the important role that students play during the...  

22/02/2020 | Euro Film Fest

Mia Engberg  • Director of Lucky One

“I want to make films that only I can make”

Mia Engberg • Director of Lucky One

We chatted to Mia Engberg, who, through art and research, attempts to turn her old documentary subjects...  

31/01/2019 | Göteborg 2019

John Engel, producer of Vampires

BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2010

John Engel, producer of Vampires

The producer talks about the film by Vincent Lannoo in competition at the BIFFF in Brussels.  

Prune Engler • General Delegate, La Rochelle Film Festival

"A taste for a different kind of film"

Prune Engler • General Delegate, La Rochelle Film Festival

Cineuropa caught up with Prune Engler, general delegate at the La Rochelle International Film Festival...  


Jonathan English


Jonathan English

Fascinated by England’s 13th century, Brit director Jonathan English wanted to give his film Ironclad, a...  

Geoffrey Enthoven  • Director

“I do not make entertainment for entertainment’s sake”

Geoffrey Enthoven • Director

On the occasion of the international premiere of Halfway at Warsaw, Cineuropa sat down with its director,...  


Geoffrey Enthoven • Director

Interview - 10 European Directors To Watch

Geoffrey Enthoven • Director

The director of Come as you Are are holds the Flemish flag high in an international setting  

Ildiko Enyedi • Director

Interview - Filmmakers Invite the European Friend

Ildiko Enyedi • Director

Cineuropa interviewed Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi in Paris, where she took part in the 'Filmmakers...  


Ildiko Enyedi • Director


Ildiko Enyedi • Director

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Hungarian filmmaker Ildiko Enyedi, who presented On Body and Soul in...  


David Epiney • Alina Film

Producers on the Move 2012 – Switzerland

David Epiney • Alina Film

Since it was set up in 2008, production company Alina Film has produced Back to Stay, winner of the Golden...  


Reha Erdem  • Director

"I love the topic of the 'kid revolt'"

Reha Erdem • Director

Turkish filmmaker Reha Erdem talked to us about his ninth feature, Big Big World, at the 16th...  


Anna Eriksson • Director

“I dreamt about Marilyn Monroe”

Anna Eriksson • Director

VENICE 2018: We met up with successful Finnish musician Anna Eriksson to discuss her directorial feature...  

10/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Maximilian Erlenwein - director

Premiers Plans Film Festival - Angers 2010

Maximilian Erlenwein - director

German director Maximiliam Erlenwein presents his drama-comedy film and Max-Ophüls Prize winner...  

Benedikt Erlingsson • Director

"We have to save the world now"

Benedikt Erlingsson • Director

VENICE 2018: We have met up with Icelandic filmmaker Benedikt Erlingsson to talk about his LUX Prize...  

05/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Giornate degli Autori - LUX Prize 2018

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