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Maura Delpero  • Director of Maternal

"“Hogars” have an amplifying effect, they’re places where the consequences of motherhood can be observed in all their virulence"

Maura Delpero • Director of Maternal

We sat down with Italian filmmaker Maura Delpero to discuss her first fiction film, Maternal, which was...  

16/08/2019 | Locarno 2019 | Competition

Julie Delpy • Director

"I like the challenge of making people laugh"

Julie Delpy • Director

Julie Delpy is at San Sebastian to present Skylab, a funny, upbeat ensemble comedy about family and her...  


Julie Delpy • Director

"Offbeat reality"

Julie Delpy • Director

An original artist who has had a film career on both sides of the Atlantic  


Julie Delpy  • Director of My Zoe

“We are on the cusp of big issues that we haven't addressed emotionally”

Julie Delpy • Director of My Zoe

Cineuropa sat down with Julie Delpy at the Zurich Film Festival, where she was presenting her new film, My Zoe  

02/10/2019 | Zurich 2019

Edouard Deluc • Director

"I wanted to talk about the adventure of brotherhood"

Edouard Deluc • Director

Cineuropa met the director of Welcome to Argentina, who presented his first feature at the Les Arcs...  


Heléna Demakova • Cannes 2005

Cineuropa met Heléna Demakova, the Latvian Minister of Culture

Heléna Demakova • Cannes 2005


Yann Demange • Director

“History never takes sides”

Yann Demange • Director

Launched into competition in Berlin with his first feature film, this French-Algerian movie-maker working...  


Anaïs Demoustier - actress

Shooting Stars 2010 - France

Anaïs Demoustier - actress

Anaïs Demoustier, French Shooting Star 2010, considered as the muse of young French auteur cinema  

Stéphane Demoustier • Director of The Girl With A Bracelet

"Do we really know our children?"

Stéphane Demoustier • Director of The Girl With A Bracelet

On the eve of its French release, Stéphane Demoustier talks to us about his second feature film, The Girl...  

11/02/2020 | /France/Belgium

Nicolaine den Breejen  • Distributor

“We notice a trend against non-English spoken films”

Nicolaine den Breejen • Distributor


Daniel Dencik  • Director


Daniel Dencik • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2015: Cineuropa met up with Daniel Dencik at the KVIFF to talk about his latest feature, Gold...  


David Dencik • Actor

Shooting Star 2007 – Denmark

David Dencik • Actor


Catherine Deneuve • Actress

A Frenchwoman in Manhattan

Catherine Deneuve • Actress

One of world cinema’s most charismatic and beautiful actresses arrives at the Festival together with Tonie...  


Claire Denis  • Director

“This is a film about love, loneliness and tenderness”

Claire Denis • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: One of the most highly respected and celebrated European filmmakers, Claire Denis,...  

01/10/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Jean Denizot • Director

Venice Days 2013

Jean Denizot • Director

For his first feature The Good Life, French director film Jean Denizot was inspired by a news story in...  


GoCritic! Interview: Nancy Denney-Phelps  • Animation journalist and historian

"I like to give positive press to good films"

GoCritic! Interview: Nancy Denney-Phelps • Animation journalist and historian

GoCritic! interviews a critic - an omnipresent figure in the world of animation, and one of the first...  

24/06/2019 | GoCritic! | Animafest Zagreb 2019

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